Into the Deep Group Show

by Sarah

For the past 10 weeks I have been honored to work along side Catherine Just and 10 amazing women photographers to create a body of work in a master photography class called Into the Deep. I have known Catherine for many years but this was only the second time I have taken a course from her. By spending some time every day making and photographing the world around me, I have been able to strengthen my creative practice, something that it so important for artists of any medium.

Throughout the process Catherine challenged us to view as much photography and art as we could. This is something I do anyway on a weekly basis but Catherine opened my eyes to additional photographers that I did not previously know about. Cig Harvey was one such artist. I was drawn to her work because we both shoot mainly in a square format and her subject matter of home, nature and family were intriguing to me. Her handmade photo books are beautiful pieces of art in their own right and something I aspire to create more of with my work.

For Into the Deep, my subject matter included Reno/Tahoe, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I live in the Reno/Tahoe area but am constantly drawn to San Francisco and LA for work, family and play and have a deep love and longing to live back in the city.

All the photographs for this project are black and white and I chose to exclude myself from the images. It was important to me to be able to evoke a feeling and sense of longing through what I was seeing in the camera. Many days, I would stop the car and capture an image of the clouds as I glanced and saw something that caught my eye. In addition, when I travel I like to sit in the window seat so I can glance at the world below the airplane. Again, if something captured my attention, I would shoot several images through the window of the plane and adjust them slightly to create the feeling I was looking for.

In the course of the last 10 weeks, I took hundreds of photos and narrowed them down to just 20 for the exhibit. This was probably the hardest part of creating a collection. Being able to decide what stays in and what gets discarded, I am sure is a life long endeavor as you keep creating.

At the beginning of the course, Catherine asked us who inspires our work or who is inspiring us now? As part of my business I work with many creatives, who constantly inspire me to work harder and smarter but for this particular project, my friend and fellow photographer – Nick Holmes influenced much of the work I created. His use of light and shadow to enhance his subject matter encouraged me to view my work in a completely different way and allowed me to set aside my expectations of perfection and just shoot. For that I am grateful.

To view the entire show please visit Into the Deep on Catherine’s website. This group of women are remarkably talented and I am honored to be exhibiting along side them.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

designing with photography – april/may 2013

by Sarah


This month I’ll be sharing some extra designing with photography posts with I realized that I did not post Aprils photo. The inspiration in the palette above came from a recent trip to Oahu. The many varied colors the ocean, the surrounding rocks and sand, the sky and the mountains can be an incredible jumping off point for a beautiful palette.

Stay tuned for some great accessories to add for your summer entertaining and relaxation that draw from this palette.


Designing with Photography is part of a year long project called What is Design?




100 wednesdays – may 1, 2013

by Sarah


{@uppercasemag with my puppy}


{on the windowsill}


{Legally Blonde}


100 Wednesdays – April 24, 2013

by Sarah




{westin moana surfrider – waikiki beach}




100 Wednesdays – April 17,2013

by Sarah








100 wednesdays – april 10, 2013

by Sarah


{aloha from waikiki beach}


{from where i sit #atthespa}


{another day in paradise}



100 Wednesdays – April 3, 2013

by Sarah


{color inspiration}

I have been traveling over the last several weeks, so my 100 Wednesdays posts have gotten a bit behind. I am still taking my photographs and will catch up over the course of the week. One thing I have found through working on this project is that finding constant inspiration can be hard. I have had to keep adjusting my focus when looking for inspiration shots because around my home and neighborhood, I was beginning to feel as though I had run out of things to take pictures. Luckily, about the same time, spring began and the colors surrounding me added a whole new level to what I could see through my lens. This weeks focus included some floral arrangements in a hotel I was staying in and then as you will see below: the colors in my yard. From these photos, I will develop a color inspiration boards so that I can use them in my painting and designing later down the road.


{color in my garden #white}

As I create the boards I will share that process with you here and then as I create artwork I will have color inspiration at my fingertips to use throughout my projects.


{colors in my garden #pink}

The photo above was really my favorite for the week, as I love how the iphone captured the sunlight streaming through the delicate pink flowers. What is also wonderful about photographing flowers is that I can now use them as a jumping off point for my artwork and for sketching. I am interested in incorporating the main flower in the piece into a mixed media project. Let’s see what happens….


100 Wednesdays is a year and a half project where I document the world through my eyes with my ipone camera and share the results of my favorite shots of the week on Wednesdays.




100 Wednesdays March 27, 2013

by Sarah


{calligraphy @makeshiftsoc}




{a little anthro love]



100 Wednesdays – March 20, 2013

by Sarah


{do small things with great love}


{the sierra nevada mountains}




100 wednesdays – march 13, 2013

by Sarah


{phase two of storm}


{happy spring}


{a walk in the garden}



100 Wednesdays – March 6, 2013

by Sarah


{spring has sprung}


{beginning to bloom}


{tree shadow}



February Designing with Photography – Fun Additions

by Sarah


This months photo has some very strong and vibrant colors so in order to balance the bold, I have added neutrals as a main backdrop to this color scheme. Also by adding something unexpected such as in the lamps, I have kept the design less formal and more playful.

1. White Flower by Sarah Stevenson

2. Two Heads are Better than One by Sugarboo

3. Wood/Iron Hurricane by Arteriors

4. Grey Hollywood Duvet Cover by Jonathan Adler

5. Walnut Claude Special Edition 4 Drawer Dresser by Jonathan Adler

6. Inglebert Porcelain Egghead Lamps, Pair by Arteriors

Hope you enjoy today’s selections. Please note: I do receive a small commission on products purchased through Project Decor. Photo number tags designed by Going Home to Roost.




100 Wednesdays – February 27, 2013

by Sarah


{santa monica}


{santa monica pier}


{from where I stand – UCLA}


designing with photography – february 2013

by Sarah


As February is coming to a close, I am thinking of spring. In this months designing with photography I am using a neutral palette as a base and adding bold punches of color with magenta, yellow and green.

The photography is called: untitled flower.  This piece is part of a new series called Flourish that will be available March 1st as prints, iphone cases and pillow covers.

Stayed tuned on Wednesday for fun additions and Friday for a full palette with paint colors.


Designing with Photography is part of a special year long project called What is Design?





100 Wednesdays – February 20, 2013

by Sarah




{beverly hills}


{from where I stand}


100 Wednesdays – February 13, 2013

by Sarah


{chinese lanterns}


{sunday in the city}


{san francisco}


100 Wednesdays – February 6, 2013

by Sarah


{converse art}




{new york at night}


100 Wednesdays – January 30, 2013

by Sarah


{full moon}


{view from above}


{beautiful building details}


New York City

by Sarah


{welcome to new york city}

Last night I arrived in New York City…The last time I was here was 15 years ago and I was 7-1/2 months pregnant with my son Ben. He is with me on this trip and about to turn 16. Wow, full circle and I am so excited to explore the city with him. This weekend I will be filming a video with my girls from The Golden Ticket, Michelle and Tanya and I hope to share that with you in the next few weeks.



Also, in the next few weeks I will be launching some really fun and exciting things here on the site, so if you want a sneak peek before the rest of the world get on the special list.


{good morning from new york}

I will be sharing all week about my adventures in New York City so stay tuned for lots of photos, insights and spots to go for your own creative inspiration and stimulation!

Have a great day everyone!

100 wednesdays – January 23, 2013

by Sarah

{happy friday from above the fog}

{iced fog through my window}

{quotes 18:365}

100 Wednesdays – January 16, 2013

by Sarah

{good morning}

It has been so cold here this week, that I have not gone out much and have not found much that has inspired me to photograph. This photo however, sums up the beauty of Nevada even when it is truly freezing…

what will you uncover this week?

by Sarah

{the greatest secrets} quote found via Jessica Swift/photo by sarah….what will you uncover this week?

100 wednesdays – january 9, 2013 – instagram photos

by Sarah

{Sydney – January 2013}


{Bee on Flower}

designing with photography – jonquils

by Sarah

As many of you know, I am a registered interior designer by trade. One of my favorite things about design is selecting a color palette and deciding how all the pieces of a project might fit together. Beginning today and the 2nd week of each month during 2013, Design with Photography will become a regular feature on the blog.

I will be providing a piece of my photography as a starting point for design, selecting a color palette and showing you how you might use the pieces in your own designs.

All the photography used for these posts is available for sale in my shop as art prints, framed prints, canvas prints and occasionally throw pillows. In addition, I will be selecting and sourcing accessories and paint colors to go along with the theme of the week.

This weeks theme is Jonquils and gives you a soft color palette to design around for the new year. I hope you enjoy this new feature and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way.

The schedule for Designing with Photography will be as follows:

Monday: Photo of the week with color palette

Wednesday: Accessories and Fun Additions

Friday: Paint Colors and Final Palette

By the end of the year you will have 12 color palettes that you can use to jump start your creativity in your favorite space.

Have a great day.

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