part one: scheduling creativity into your daily life

by Sarah

In my last post, I introduced to you, the idea of providing space for creativity in your daily, busy life and how that in order to do that, like everything else we must create time to do it.

So today we will take a look at how you schedule creativity into your daily life.

Part of scheduling creativity into you daily life is having the courage to do so. It is saying to yourself that I need and want this time and I am willing to give it a go and try it.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” My take on this that given the right opportunity, the right circumstances and the right tools, we as human beings are able to achieve a great many things. How does this relate to creativity? I believe everyone is creative in some form or another and that it is just a matter of defining what that creative piece is for you and you alone and then determining how it becomes a part of your life.

I have a very close group of friends that are runners. They schedule running into their daily lives, they schedule a goal with their running so that they have an end in mind and are able to see the fruits of their labor when they reach their goal. This in my mind is a form of creativity. It is possessing something that you want to do inside, just for you, making a goal and progressing at a pace that works for you with a solid end in mind.

You can essentially follow this same step with an artful form of creativity. What I challenge you to do for the month of January, is to set aside time, time for you to create.

1. Get a planner (if you have not purchased a planner or would like something fun and creative to track your progress, I use two different methods for my planning – one is a spiral bound life planner that you can purchase through– I am able to bring this with me where ever I go; and the other is a very large planner that I can have up in my studio at all times; it can be purchased through paper-source.)

2. Map out the month of January. What do I mean by that? Take a look at each day of your week and add 10 minutes of creativity into your day somewhere. You control the time, no one else does and that is the beauty of it.

3. Watch this video. (Its only 3 minutes so you still have 7 minutes to create)

4. Commit to one month. Make a commitment with yourself, your planner and if you need to add a written acknowledgement to yourself, do so in the comments of this post.

5. Plan a treat for yourself on January 31, 2012. The treat can be anything you want it to be. It can be a simple as a walk in the park but it needs to be a celebration of your achievement and you need to schedule it with yourself. If you commit in this post and come back on January 31 and tell me what you have done, I will have a special treat for one of you celebrating your milestone.

6. Don’t forget to sign up for redlinedesign® – creativity to go to help you on your month long journey.


Tea Time Thursday

by Sarah

This morning I sat down with a cup of tea and flipped through magazines and catalogs. I enjoy doing this as it gives me a glimpse into a world outside Reno. One of my favorite catalogs I receive is from Paper Source. I used to make a trek there every now and again when I lived in Chicago. The original store is located in the River North District at 232 W. Chicago Avenue. It is an old three story building that is divided up into floors-paper, ribbon and stamps etc. It would be an afternoon of browsing and buying. Now my trips are limited to their stores that are in places I visit and via online shopping. Today, I thought I would share my TOP TEN PICKS from the Autumn 2010 Catalog. Please note all these items can be found on their website and if you want some great diy projects check out their blog: p.s.

I apologize for not having actual photos of each item but I am a bit stretched for time today and I thought you would enjoy a little exploration of your own. Have a great day………