Chronicle Books Winner Announced

by Sarah

Chronicle Books has announced the winner of the $500.00 book giveaway. Thank you to everyone that participated on the blog. We did not win but the following very cool blog did:


Stop on by and check out their list….it is filled with yummy cooking goodness. Also, Chronicle Books is being very generous to everyone that participated and is giving readers of each blog 35% off until Thursday, December 16…Just use the code above and enjoy a few holiday books for you and yours….

what is design? new location

by Sarah

Hi everyone, just wanted to inform my rss readers that I have a new location since moving the blog over to wordpress. You should automatically be sent my way but just in case you need to change your feed. what is design? can be found at:

Tea Time Thursday – A Little stressed

by Sarah

Today, I am a little stressed. I have a very long to do list both personal and business and I just can’t seem to pull it all together. A friend sent me a text and said “Take a break and crank Michael Jackson-Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and dance around my house…..I love it and thought you would too…..

What do you do when stress takes over and you need a little break? I’d love to know…..

today is my birthday

by Sarah

In my Welcome October post, I mentioned that October is my favorite months of the year. One of the reasons is because of all the color that surrounds it. Especially the color of pumpkins, apples, leaves on trees and all the wonders that nature provides us with. I have spent a good part of the last week, trying to create a color story about October. I have pulled photos from magazines, vintage halloween cards, paint colors and a couple of my photos including the one above and have created a special board for my studio that I can look at each day this month to help spark my creativity.

I have a file where I keep all sorts of magazine cutouts and “inspiration” but I have to give special thanks to Holly of Decor 8 and Leslie of A Creative Mint for reminding me how to use them in my business and how to use them for blogging. Holly’s husband Thorsten also helped give me a little more computer education, which I truly need. So thank you to all three, I feel much more confident in what I am sharing here.

I have just finished 4 weeks of an 8 week course called Blogging Your Way and found it most inspiring and educational. You may not realize but as I have been exploring my voice for this blog, I have been exploring through their course. It has helped me grow and realize where my passions lie, how to take a different look through my camera lens when I photograph and how to take all this great “stuff” I seem to hoard and use it in a creative way. I thank them for re-opening my eyes to the world of design and creativity that I love so much and hope if you have an opportunity to take a course like this that you seize it and take everything you can learn from it and share what you learn with your world. It is truly a gift to give.

A couple of other things that I will be working on this month are moving my website and blog to a different platform. I was working on the blog side the last few days so that is why I have not been posting. I am getting closer to launching at least the new blog and will let you know the location once it is up and running. Hopefully, it will be a seamless transition.

It is also my birthday today, so a great day to celebrate and be with friends and family. Have a great day everyone and will see you soon…..