55 days in

by Sarah

(photo collage from Picture Winter-January 2011)

I am 55 days into a photo a day. When I started on December 1st it was more of an exercise in seeing what I could photograph if given a prompt. This prompt I received every day from Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters. At first, I found the prompts really difficult and even more so during the course of the holiday season which is such a busy time to begin with. But as I continued on my journey I found it not only became easier but something that I was excited for and looked forward to every day. It also became a little game for me as I perused the gallery to see if I could figure out who Tracey would highlight for the day. (I was right about 50% of the time.)

(photos from December, 2010-Picture the Holidays)

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you may realize or not, that all the photographs on this site are taken by me. My photographic style is about composition, color, and architecturally related subjects and not at all about the technical side of the camera. I stepped way out of my box here and for parts of it I did not feel confident in what I produced. None the less I continued and got to know my camera and my own way of  “seeing” a little better.

What do I shoot with? I have 3 cameras-and I am a Canon girl through and through. Its either Nikon or Canon and Canon is me. My first camera is on my iphone4.  Although, I did not use it for these lessons but I did start popping away with instragram that I introduced to you last week. You can now follow along on my instragram journey up on the right hand side of this post. So many times I do not have my camera with me but find that I want to capture something immediately that has caught my eye or may be something I want to write about. My second camera is a Canon G9–all the photos in my shop to date were taken with this camera. It is a great entry level digital camera and has served me well over the last several years. My last and most recent purchase is The Canon EOS Rebel T2i and I love it….All the shots in January were taken with an EFS 18-135mm image stabilizer lense. That’s as technical as I can get for you, and I get sweaty even thinking about lenses and f-stops and apertures. (Check out my friend Angie for that-she has become a technical genius.)

So there is a little photography lesson for this Wednesday…Have a great day everyone…