welcome november

by Sarah

November has arrived in Reno as a sunny, warm and incredibly beautiful month. That however is about to change. You know here when the weather is about to make a complete 360 and bring snow into the mountains. How? the wind….It picks up not in a slow way but in a wild woman sort of way….fast and furious and with abandon. It is happening outside my window right now and I just need a few moments to prepare. There is the one last photo of fall that I want to capture, that I have been looking at for the past week and if I don’t stop and take that moment it will be gone forever as the wild woman wind will take it all away.

With that said, November comes each year with anticipation in our house. We look forward to spending Thanksgiving with family and enjoying an Italian Thanksgiving that starts with home made ravioli, homemade gravy, anti pasta and foccacia from “the neighboorhood”; then comes the turkey – smoked by my brother in law-and all the traditional fixings and finally home made pumpkin pie. I am thankful for these journey’s to my family in the bay area. They have provided a great tradition for my children that will last a lifetime.

Rather than share what I am doing with business this month, I would like to share what I am thankful for each day. It is a simple exercise that I hope you will join me in. Some days, I will write a little story, some days it may just be a photo with what I am thankful for. None the less, I am slowing down and treasuring these moments in my daily life.

If you would like to join in….just add your link by clicking on the link button below and enjoy a slower pace of life and many, many thankful moments….