Friday Moments in Creativity – June 3

by Sarah

For me, my creative journey has taken many twists and turns. I absolutely love exploring new aspects of creativity that may in some way affect what I am making and definitely relates to how I see the world around me. Since I posted about the death of Prince back in April my deep love of music has seen a resurgence and I find I am constantly seeking out how music and musicians play a role in my own journey as an artist.

I have followed U2 since the days of their New’s Years Day video on MTV back in the 1980’s and I have to say that they are really my all time favorite band. The video above is really interesting to watch because it goes through the process of the Edge picking and designing his new Fender guitar. Designing and making a musical instrument is one of the quintessential creative processes and what the musician is able to do with the instrument constantly amazes me.

Another place that we can look for inspiration is the acting profession. I know I may be biased with a son that is a theater major but as I have looked deeper I have grown ever more appreciative for what it takes to work as a professional actor on stage and screen. While on my injury hiatus, I came across Tanc Sade, an Australian actor who played Finn on the Gilmore Girls and is Christopher House in the upcoming Showtime series: Roadies. Somehow I started following Tanc first on instagram and then on twitter and became interested in his story because of the intense hours he was putting in to develop new skills.

Many creatives I know talk about how they love so many different things and cannot decide what they should pursue. After following Tanc, I can say keep exploring and do everything. This is what a creative journey is about; the learning, the growing, the hard work and the satisfaction of making something at the end that you can be proud of!

2016-04-10 19.18.06-1

It has been refreshing for me to see a working actor share his story through social media that is NOT tabloid media. In the course of me following him (which has only been since March) he has learned to Tango, to play the piano, and to golf all in the name of having a passion for his craft – acting. Tanc is also a two time Australian National Freediving record holder, sings and plays guitar and is an incredible photographer. My photo above – which was taken over the Pacific Ocean in March was inspired by this one that he also took over the Pacific after spearfishing and freediving. Incidently, my photo has been the most liked photo ever in my instagram feed.

We can also take a personal branding/social media lesson from musicians and actors such as Tanc; he shares his story with humor, honesty and an enthusiastic look into his world. Sometimes, we get so intense about having a perfectly curated feed that we lose sight of the real story behind our brands – OURSELVES. Take a moment to look at your own brand and your social media – make sure you are sharing what truly makes you happy.

Creativity comes in many shapes and forms but there are many crossovers within each of our disciplines. When you get to that moment of creative block (and we all do) take a look at music, musicians, photographers, actors and design. You might just find some nugget of inspiration that will keep you moving forward in your own endeavours.

Have a great weekend! and enjoy the videos.

Reno Mini Maker Faire – Art

by Sarah

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

{The Lear Theater by ABCArtAttack}

For me, the Mini Maker Faire in Reno was all about collaboration, connection and art. I was blown away by the art pieces that were showcased for the TEDxReno event and then for our event last Saturday. The piece above was created by Bryce Chisholm a local artist who’s work can be seen all over Reno. This piece was painted on the side of an electrical box outside the theater and will become a part of the local landscape around Riverside Drive. TEDx shared a great video about Bryce’s art which you can see here: Bryce Chisholm Video


{Believe by Jeff Schomberg and Laura Kimpton}

The full word Believe is now in its temporary home at the ice rink in downtown Reno. Reno Gazette Journal also has a great video to watch on the making of the art pieces. So definitely take a moment and click on the link above. I particularly enjoyed Jeff speaking about how he gives away the bird pieces and that they now exist all over the world.


{Library of Babel by Warwick Macmillian and crew}

Warwick and his crew currently work out of the Generator in Sparks and are creating a new installation for this years upcoming Burning Man. The installation aptly named The Library of Babel will house hand made books with handmade paper and a series of lighted pieces that you see below based upon the works of Borges. You can follow along their journey of creating their exhibit on their facebook page: The Library of Babel and most recently they have started a kickstarter campaign that you can connect to through this video: The Library of Babel


{Library of Babel by Warwick McMillian and Crew}

Inspired by all this making and creating? Why not share something you have been working on in the comments?

Have a great Friday everyone!


good design fridays: red and grey

by Sarah


Marte Marie Forsberg via anthropologie


orange walnut macarons by baking a moment

4db0693e1819a720161a5849d3d94ef2arm knitted cowl by anne weil of flax and twine


knoll textiles nail polish

Its been awhile since I have posted a Good Design Fridays post. With the holiday season just about to begin, I thought it would be fun to give you a Friday burst of color. This year plaid is still hot and paired with different shades of grey makes a statement. Try a red with this awesome grey scarf from my friend Anne Weil. How about macarons styled with cranberries? yummy and a perfect treat for holiday guests. Also, from my design days – Knoll Textiles with their awesome nail colors, could make a fun little stocking stuffer for the designers on your list.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Architectural Drawing and Sketching as Inspiration

by Sarah


{portion of a sketch by Cedric Price – MoMA; photo by Sarah G. Stevenson}

On my recent visit to New York, I stumbled upon an architectural exhibit at MoMA. I got really excited because as a designer, part of my job was to envision and sketch what a space might look like in three dimensions. The sketch above called Fun Palace by Cedric Price reminded me of that piece of my design past and made me wonder how I might be able to use those skills in some of my artwork moving forward.

The piece is drawn on what is termed “bum wad paper” or more simply architectural sketching paper. There are two types of the sketching paper, canary and white. I like using both for different types of projects but the yellow gives your work a classic feel that withstands the test of time. Long before computer aided design took over, most rough idea planning and sketching was created on this type of paper. To me it represents a beauty and skill that as I moved through my profession was beginning to get lost by the younger generation of designers moving up in the ranks.

I personally loved unwrapping a new roll of paper and getting out my markers and pencils to see what I could create. Obviously, the thought process and the level of artistry allows pieces like this to have a permanent place in a museum like MoMA.

This particular piece uses sketching paper, black felt tip pen, ink, graphite and white pencil. Five tools to represent your ideas. Simplicity but beauty at the same time.

Next time you are exploring an art museum, I encourage you to take a look at some of the more offbeat exhibits, you never know what sort of inspiration you will find for your own work.

Have a great weekend everyone.




OM – teahouse studio

by Sarah

My one moment this week? They are several all rolled up into one place and one class and creativity and friendship. Last weekend, my friend Jen and I escaped to San Francisco to take a class at The Tea House Studio, in Berkeley. The class was taught by Andrea Jenkins of Hula Seventy. I realized during the first five minutes of class that I need creativity, learning and other people surrounding me that “get it” as my friend Kath always says, all the time.

What did she teach us about? Polaroid Cameras, film and the history behind that beloved instant camera. We talked about cameras, types of film and the impossible project; we had lunch and connected and then we all dispersed and went on a photo walk.

The photo walk will be something that I will add to my weekly creative moments. It was amazing to see what you can find in your surroundings when you slow down and take a closer look.

Upon returning to the studio we all placed our photos on the wall and spent some time talking through each person’s experience. All I can say is WOW what an amazingly creative group of women.

That’s my friend Jen placing her photos on the wall. Thank you to, Mati, Stef and Tiffany of the Tea House Studio. Thank you Andrea Jenkins of hula seventy and thank you to Andrea Scher (who stopped by during class and was so lovely to meet in person) What an awesome moment……

One moment is a meetup created by Linda of A La Mode Stuff  intended to incorporate the little moments of your life and help you to slow down and take a moment to enjoy

 om [one moment] meet up

august break 2011 – day 5

by Sarah

Welcome July: Create Explore Discover Art Retreat

by Sarah

Happy July 1st everyone and Happy 4th of July weekend. Today I am bringing some really exciting news from redlinedesign®. We have just launched a new website for an art retreat that I will be hosting called Create Explore Discover. The retreat will be held from October 6-9th, 2011 at the Cedar Sport Hotel in Truckee, California. This has been my main focus for the last month, so I apologize for the lack of posting on the blog but I wanted to make sure that we got everything set for the launch and am working feverishly with some really awesome artists to teach us at the retreat.

So first all, to access the new site: createexplorediscover (; here you will find general information about the retreat including: the location, the schedule, accomodations, class information and contact information; class and instructor information is being updated and finalized over the next few weeks and registration will open on July, 11, 2011. At that time you will be able to make class selections, register and begin planning a special fall weekend getaway in the Sierra Mountains. Registration will be processed through our secure paypal site and space will be limited so that we can keep the retreat as intimate and focused as possible.

In addition to the website you can follow us on facebook (CEDartretreat) and twitter (@CEDartretreat) and we are listed on a new creative class website called: seekyourcourse.

Who will be teaching at createexplorediscover?

Our headline teacher and keynote speaker for the retreat will be:

Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday. I have spent over a year following and taking courses from Marisa and I am so excited to share her with you all. Her stories and her vision of art and creativity are so genuine and real that I know you will enjoy her as much as I have.

Our instructors include:

Liz Kalloch of Liz Kalloch Design. Another incredible artist that I have been following and working with since April, 2010. If you have been following the blog you know that Liz is the leader of The Meetup that I participate in monthly. Liz is an incredible writer and artist and I know her vision of creativity will completely inspire you.

Sarah Stevenson of redlinedesign®: yes…..I will also be teaching at the retreat and have a few really exciting things up my sleeve. I will reveal them as the next week unfolds and can’t wait to share my little piece of Lake Tahoe with you.

There are also several other artists in the works and they will be revealed on the blog as we finalize information with them.

In addition to the artists I will have many people working with me to ensure the retreat is a full success. The first person I want to introduce is my dear friend Kathleen. (If you have followed me from the beginning you know Kath is the one that convinced me to start a blog–so look where a year and half has taken me…..) Kathleen will be working by my side to ensure that the retreat runs smoothly, sponsors are taken care of and will be adding her special touch to event and class details. she can be reached at:

The second person is Jo Klima of The Darling Tree. Jo is currently working with me to create an incredible logo for the event. We are really close to completing it and will share it here on the blog when it is finished. Jo has also just finished creating new blog buttons and logo pieces for the shop but I will introduce those in a separate post….

So there you have it, an intimate art retreat and fall getaway in the mountains above Lake Tahoe…..hmmm, care to join to me?

Happy 4th of July……


“Stand where your heart is strongest.”

by Sarah

“Stand where your heart is strongest” a quote I retweeted today from @tea_austin who writes over at teasandcookies blog. I generally peruse my twitter account about 3 times a day and respond when I need to and reflect when I get something that comes across like this quote.

It stood out to me today as we enter the long Memorial Day Weekend. Before we moved west, we would spend our weekends with our dear friends the Hood’s at their little cabin in Michigan. I have reflected back on those times often lately as they are some of the best moments we have shared with people we love and respect. Our weekends were filled with hot tubbing, bbq’ing, boating, sleeping late and staying up even later. Our music choices of the day (jimmy buffet, freddy jones band, pearl jam, U2, and del amitri) would fill the air from sun up and well into the night. Most importantly, though it was the conversations and the laughter that filled the air that meant the most to me.

While we were able to have those great times, my brother in laws, Mike and John, were keeping our country safe. We did not openly think about it back then as we just knew they were there protecting us. This weekend I thank them for doing that and for providing my children a place that they will be able to enjoy those same great weekends with their friends as we have before them.

So no matter where your travels take you, take a moment to reflect on the goodness of those around you and thank a soldier for keeping you safe and for giving you the opportunity to enjoy your family, friends and your freedom.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone…see you here next week. Also, if you did not respond to the post on words and still want to there is time….I will be making a post out of the comments next week.

today in my garden

by Sarah

my garden and my view….happy friday everyone….

Good Design Fridays (a day late)

by Sarah

As you know I am an avid lover of Pinterest (the online place to gather images and create galleries on the internet. As part of Good Design Friday’s I will bring you images that I am gathering on pinterest that I feel exhibit good design practice. They may be new or classic and they will definitely be timeless. So today, I bring you five items that I have found as part of my board good design that I will be further developing over the next several months.

1. a water bottle designed by Paul Smith for Evian (first pinned by may*hanna from the website

2. ipad case designed by Marc Jacobs (first pinned by Jen Robin from

3.classic Coleman Cooler available at (first pinned by Jane Wang-a founding pinner)

4. modern Australian mailboxes (first pinned by Rena Tom from Dana, the author of yellowtrace also pins on pinterest. You can find her here…

5. cherry swiss army watch (first pinned by Jane Wang from incidentally, I own this watch and wear it everyday so I am a little partial to it… it is not available right now but I know they carry a pink one as well…

So there you have it for Friday, oops I mean Saturday..I am busy planning an open studio and sale for next weekend, but wanted to pop in to share this with everyone…Have a great weekend….

please note..these are obviously not my photographs and have been used via the pinterest website and via the various websites where they were found. I take no credit for them…


A Day of Thanks

by Sarah

Over the past several weeks I have been receiving some amazing shout outs for my business and my blog and I am so thankful for all the kind words that everyone has said that I wanted to say a special thank you and provide links to the sites where I have been highlighted recently. So, first of all THANK YOU to everyone that has been supporting my work. Your kindness and generosity has overwhelmed me (in a very happy way) and I appreciate all of it so so much.

First, I was highlighted by Marisa on Creative Thursday along with 14 other artists that are part of the Creative Coconuts group that has formed as a little island of creativity on the internet. I have been following Creative Thursday and Marisa for the last year, so to receive this shout out from her makes me feel very validated and appreciated as an artist, designer and photographer–so thank you Marisa, I feel proud to be part of such an incredible group of creatives…..

Second, the same week I was highlighted along with this same group of artists on Stacies Jewelry. So, thank you Stacie for being such a great support of our group and of me and my business. I truly appreciate your friendship…..

Third, Stephey of Marked by the Muse has given an outpouring of support on her twitter account for Blogging for Lila over the last several weeks–so thank you Stephey for all the wonderful shout outs, they have not gone unnoticed.

Fourth, I have been asked to assist with some creative art questions for my friend Liz Kalloch that I mention each month on the Meet Up posts. Liz has been writing some incredible posts on art, creativity and life as an artist for Scoutie Girl and she has asked many of her creative connections to be a part of those posts. Thanks Liz for asking me and I look forward to helping any way I can….

Fifth, this month I took a leap and sent my shop to papernstitch to see if I could exhibit for the month and Brittni accepted….So for the month of April redlinedesign® is being featured along with about 88 other artists in an online exhibit and sale. Thank you so much Brittni, I am happy to be a part of such an incredible mix of artists. Please stop over an see the exhibit and Brittni’s blog both will open up a whole new world of art for you.

Finally–Blogging for Lila–what an incredible week of blog posts and an outpouring of support from everyone that is participating. If you have not checked out the posts, I encourage you to do so, they are all thoughtful, well written and so full of love for Lila that I cry each time I read them. Next week, we will be hearing from the following people:

allison – Thoughtful Creations

Denice: inkstitch

stacie- stacies jewelry

Two spots are still available on Tuesday and Wednesday if you would like to participate. Just fill out your name in the calendar link at the top of the blog……

I will be traveling next week so look for a few sneak peek photos from my travels…Thanks so much to everyone again and have a great weekend….

Good Design Friday

by Sarah

(Nevada Museum of Art)

For the past year I have been toying with ways to bring my design background to the blog. I finally come up with what I feel is my best way to share design with you. On Fridays, beginning today I will give you a few products, sites, shops, museums that I feel exhibit “Good Design”. What do I mean by “good design”…well my definition of good design begins with overall branding, concept and delivery of something from start to finish; it can be a product, it can be a space, it can be a piece of furniture or even a place to visit. It is a feeling I get when I am surrounded by something that just works..It just is “good design”…So what will I share with you today….

1. The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller-As a designer, I specified this chair on 95% of my projects. It was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick and was the chair I sat on at work every day.

2. Aesop a skin, hair and body care company from Australia. I use two of their face and body products because they are made from plant based ingredients. Their products and their philosophy are what keep me coming back for more.

3. Nevada Museum of Art the local art museum here in Reno that was designed by renowned architect Will Bruder. I love visiting this space even just to look at the architectural details.

4. Sina Pearson Textiles a beautiful line of indoor and outdoor fabrics that I often use for color inspiration.

5. Orla Kiely wonderful English designer that creates bold graphic prints.

I hope you enjoy visiting “my world” of design and hope it sparks some creativity in you as well. Have a great Friday everyone, see you back here Monday, where we will explore “2 Days in San Francisco”