the Makerie – Photo Journal Day Two

by Sarah

morning lilacs

The first morning of the Makerie and I stepped outside to an array of color from the blooming lilac bushes. Anticipation for the beginning of this creative journey growing immensely inside me, I took a few moments to breathe in the fresh air and absorb the spring colors surrounding me. Lilacs are one of my favorite spring flowers and to see so many already in bloom was wonderful way to start the day. My course for the weekend: Bloom True with artist, Flora Bowley; How fitting with lilacs and spring and rebirth and renewal.

the blank canvas

the blank canvas prior to class starting…my thoughts? how was I going to fill 2- 30×30 blank canvases with paint? what would I create? and how would I start? With Flora as a guide, the process was not difficult but fun again, like playing when you are a child. All expectations out the window and just you, the music and color and freedom to explore. Who could ask for anything more?


monica and bel

My Bloom True partners: Monica Soeldner and Belinda Fireman; Monica and Bel have been my friends for about 1-1/2 years and we met through an online artist community called Creative Coconuts. I have written about the coconuts before but to actually meet several in person was such a treat. True life long friendships were developed during the weekend and I cannot wait to see everyone again. In the next few posts you will also meet more coconuts and some really creative, fun women from the retreat.


light; the word of the moment in one of my paintings; it did not stay long as part of our process was freeing yourself from what was in front of you and throwing all expectation out of the window. A difficult process but incredibly rewarding at the end.

bel's hand

concentration and hands; I love photos of hands and creativity. To me they show a totally different side of the creative process become that extension of brain, to eye, to canvas that we rarely take the time to look at…

flora's color lesson

a color lesson by Flora; I love color and everything about how it mixes, where it is in nature and how it all works together in your piece.

progress in yellow

one of my paintings before lunch; The final product looked nothing like this but I enjoyed capturing the moment in time where all of the parts of the painting stood. I will be showing you the progression of my paintings in an upcoming post. Over the two day period the pieces I worked on changed so dramatically that you would not even recognize this as a stage. The experience of fully letting go and allowing yourself to explore and experiment is incredibly uplifting and something that I highly recommend.

Have a great day.