Embroidery Stitches and Patterns

by Sarah

Embroidery is something I have always enjoyed. It is relaxing, it is a project with a true start and finish and the color combinations are limitless and require you to stretch your imagination in preparing your projects. Last fall, I completed a project with Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday using her design and her new fabrics as inspiration. This project is a pattern from artist, Pam Garrison, whose work I have followed for some time. The piece is called Happy Day and can be purchased through her etsy shop.

Never embroidered before? No worries, today I am going to share a few tips and websites to help get you started.

In order to start an embroidery project you will need the following tools:

  • a pattern or piece of embroidery fabric
  • an embroidery hoop of any size
  • embroidery floss in any color
  • scissors (any pair of scissor although there are some really beautiful embroidery scissors you can purchase)
  • embroidery needles (I use a large needle with a large eye so it is easy to thread)
  • something to store your project in
  • fabric pieces if you choose to add them to your design

You will also need to learn a few basic stitches. There are numerous iphone apps and websites but the one’s I have found that are the easiest to follow are:

This is my piece in progress. As it develops I will share photos on the site or you can follow along on my instagram feed

Embroidery is a really relaxing way to develop your creative skills and provide you with an easy project to tuck in your bag and work on during trips, to and from the office and if you just need a small creative break from your daily routine.

Please do share any other sites you have found useful and if you have any projects you are working on, please leave a link in the comments, as I am sure all our readers would love to see.

Have a great day!