inspiring me this week: Jimmy Fallon

by Sarah February 28, 2014

Need I say more?

After a truly awesome week, Brene Brown posted this incredibly funny video from Jimmy Fallon of Brian Williams )my favorite newscaster rapping to one of my favorite rap songs of all times.

Have a great weekend everyone! and take a moment to dance with your besties!

100 Wednesdays – March 20, 2013

by Sarah March 20, 2013


{do small things with great love}


{the sierra nevada mountains}




welcome march

by Sarah March 08, 2013


February is a blur to me. I was home for 6 days out of the month. At the beginning of the month I attended The Golden Ticket in NYC which was such an amazing experience that it will take its own set of posts to explain the love and beauty that occurred during a full day of goodness, videos and female bonding.

From NYC it was back to Reno for 4 days and then off to San Francisco for some personal time with my daughter. Then home again for 2 days and then a family road trip to LA.

It has taken me some time to get back into a routine and to share here in this space. I have seen so much and have gathered so much inspiration that I am spending some time deciding how best to write about it…but do know this….there are some really exciting, colorful and inspirational posts coming over the next few months.

This month:

  • Getting ready to launch my first product line of the year called Flourish. You can get a sneak peek at some of the items in my shop and I will be formally introducing it to you next week.
  • Finalizing a new landing page and portfolio page for the website. My designer, Jo is incredible. Make sure to stop by her new website the darling tree to see how a designer designs for herself. Stunning work…
  • Finalizing the list of instructors for this years Create Explore Discover Retreat. If you are interested in a sneak peek at instructors and early information, don’t forget to sign up for the special Create Explore Discover List. Exciting things happening.
  • ART: as I mentioned in January my word of the year is ART and I am busy creating behind the scenes daily with photography, sketching and mixed media pieces. I also just signed up to take Make Art that Sells with Lilla Rogers and am so excited to learn from such a creative leader in the illustration and art industry.

A few pieces of creative inspiration to check out if you have a moment this weekend:

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy March!




100 Wednesdays – March 6, 2013

by Sarah March 07, 2013


{spring has sprung}


{beginning to bloom}


{tree shadow}



How to Stimulate Ideas on a Deadline

by Sarah March 04, 2013


We’ve all been there, a looming deadline and no creative ideas coming to help us reach the end. We feel uncomfortable, a little stressed and yet we are unable to put pen to paper. How do you deal with this and still make that deadline?

Here a few tips that I have picked up along the way from other artist friends, business books and my own past deadline experience.

step away from the project.

The longer you sit and look at the work in front of you the more frustrating it will become if you cannot come up with a solution. You need to go away from it, clear your head and then come back with a fresh, renewed sense of creativity.

go for a walk, a run, or do some yoga. By stimulating your brain in another way, it becomes clear once again for creating. In my design office days, I would grab one of my best friends and we would go for a long walk. Most of the time it was too cold to outside so we would walk underneath our building to the “inside” Starbucks, grab a drink and a quick snack and by the time we would get back to the office we would be fresh and ready to begin the tasks at hand. I now go for a walk in my neighborhood as it clears my head and allows space for new ideas to appear.
feed your brain.

In order to create, your brain needs fuel. Try eating and drinking something healthy to help provide you with a burst of energy- fruit juice, a small amount of protein like peanut butter, a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit can help stimulate your brain and give you the energy to make it through.
create in the morning.

Most books you read on creativity will tell you that the best time to create is first thing in the morning, as you are rested and most fresh at this time. In the Artists Way by Julia Cameron, she has her students start fresh each day with morning pages. They are a method of free writing that allows your stream of consciousness to get your creative juices flowing.

After you have taken a break, the deadline is obviously still there and needs tending. One way to reacquaint yourself with the project is to brainstorm ideas surrounding it. Take ten minutes, set a timer, begin thinking of ideas that would solve your problem. Do not be critical or discount any idea as you may find one holds the answer to help you complete the project.
work through the resistance. After brainstorming, bring yourself back to the project, take a deep breath and begin again. You may find a small amount of resistance still at hand but try and work through it. It is a freeing moment when you have worked through the resistance. For example, I recently took an painting class and got to a point in the painting where I did not like where the painting was going. I worked through all the steps and the resistance and found that what I created was  exactly where I wanted to be.

Creativity is a process. If you look at your work, you will see that the same pattern occurs each time you sit down to create. The same is true for stepping away during that process. Just remember you are not alone in this feeling. Reach out to other creatives, ask what they do to get through their projects when they feel they can’t produce. You may pick up some great tools to use the next time you have a deadline.

designing with photography – february 2013

by Sarah February 25, 2013


As February is coming to a close, I am thinking of spring. In this months designing with photography I am using a neutral palette as a base and adding bold punches of color with magenta, yellow and green.

The photography is called: untitled flower.  This piece is part of a new series called Flourish that will be available March 1st as prints, iphone cases and pillow covers.

Stayed tuned on Wednesday for fun additions and Friday for a full palette with paint colors.


Designing with Photography is part of a special year long project called What is Design?





100 Wednesdays – February 20, 2013

by Sarah February 24, 2013




{beverly hills}


{from where I stand}


100 Wednesdays – February 13, 2013

by Sarah February 15, 2013


{chinese lanterns}


{sunday in the city}


{san francisco}


100 Wednesdays – February 6, 2013

by Sarah February 06, 2013


{converse art}




{new york at night}


New York City

by Sarah January 29, 2013


{welcome to new york city}

Last night I arrived in New York City…The last time I was here was 15 years ago and I was 7-1/2 months pregnant with my son Ben. He is with me on this trip and about to turn 16. Wow, full circle and I am so excited to explore the city with him. This weekend I will be filming a video with my girls from The Golden Ticket, Michelle and Tanya and I hope to share that with you in the next few weeks.



Also, in the next few weeks I will be launching some really fun and exciting things here on the site, so if you want a sneak peek before the rest of the world get on the special list.


{good morning from new york}

I will be sharing all week about my adventures in New York City so stay tuned for lots of photos, insights and spots to go for your own creative inspiration and stimulation!

Have a great day everyone!

100 wednesdays – January 23, 2013

by Sarah January 23, 2013

{happy friday from above the fog}

{iced fog through my window}

{quotes 18:365}

Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice

by Sarah January 17, 2013

For the first Tea Time Thursday post of 2013, I am sharing the new book from one of my favorite artists and friends: Marisa Anne from Creative Thursday. When I started my business back in 2009, I found Marisa while surfing Decor 8. For about a month, I researched different blogs and artists. Marisa’s writing was warm, inviting and kept me coming back each week so I could find out more about her work and her path to creativity.

I have followed her work since and if you have been following me for a long time you know I am a collector of her artwork and she was one of the inaugural instructors and key note speaker at Create Explore Discover two years ago. I consider her an artistic mentor and definitely a dear sweet friend.

Her book, Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice is both a chronicle of her own creative journey and a look at her creative process. In it she shares about how to begin your own creativity journey by setting an intention and how to follow through once you do.  There are great tips on how to find inspiration, daily creating, becoming accountable for your work and your creative time, how to still find time for yourself within your creativity and how to move forward with your creativity if you are ready to share it with the world.

There are lots of tips, tricks, questions and encouragement throughout the book and Marisa’s style of writing will make you feel right at home, giving you a new friend for guidance and kindness along the way.

If there is one creative book to pick up this year, to set you on the path to daily creating, this is the one.

Special congratulations to Marisa for continually creating such fabulous inspiration.

Have a great day everyone.

100 Wednesdays – January 16, 2013

by Sarah January 16, 2013

{good morning}

It has been so cold here this week, that I have not gone out much and have not found much that has inspired me to photograph. This photo however, sums up the beauty of Nevada even when it is truly freezing…

100 wednesdays – january 9, 2013 – instagram photos

by Sarah January 09, 2013

{Sydney – January 2013}


{Bee on Flower}

designing with photography – accessories and fun additions

by Sarah January 09, 2013

On Monday, I introduced you to a brand new column on the site called Design with Photography. Today we will continue working with our original photograph and pulling an accessories palette to show you how to add a quick change to any room.

The original photo with the color palette is shown to provide you with your starting point again. When framing my artwork, I like to keep a consistent theme throughout using, black, white or a wood frame to match my existing interior. By doing this, you are able to move your pieces from room to room, maintain a consistent feel and change out your artwork without having to change the entire space. This photograph looks particularly good with a black frame as it helps the white colors of the flowers pop out.

All the accessories shown above are available through my new shop on Project Decor.

1. Jonquil Print by Sarah Stevenson available on Society 6.

2. Bun Hair Paper Mache Lady by Go Home

3. Clara Blanket by Area, Inc

4. Half Circle Pillow Grey and Black by Johnathan Adler

5. Scando Table by OFFi

6. Lantern Bird House by Johnathan Adler

In addition,

Candles, books and items from your own personal collection add a quick and simple change to your space for the new year.

The following examples are from anthropologie, my favorite accessories store.

{frames and sculptural pieces}

limited edition wire owl

handcrafted birds-eye frame

{books from your own collection or by adding in something new}

fall in love for life

rauschenberg: art and life

{candles-adding a scent to your space brings in added comfort and relaxation to your space}

capri blue mercury glass jar candle

capri blue jar candle, citrine

Take a moment today and be creative in your own surroundings. Its the first step in creating a space as special as you are and showing the world your own special personality.  I’ll be back on Friday to share paint colors and an inspirational palette to help you take the next step.

Have a great day.

*please note: a do receive a small commission from any items purchased through Project Decor. Frames, books and candles photos are by anthropologie.



Twelve Days of Photos – Day Twelve

by Sarah December 31, 2012

{the holidays are upon us} December, 2012

{view from the bay bridge} December, 2012

{my 1000 photo on instagram} December, 2012

Thank you so much for joining me the last twelve days and I hope you enjoyed a “view through my eyes” of the last year. Peace and happiness to you all in 2013 and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Twelve Days of Photos – Day Eleven

by Sarah December 30, 2012

{from where I stand} November, 2012

{snow storm covering the sun} November, 2012

{signs of the season} November, 2012

Twelve Days of Photos – Day Ten

by Sarah December 29, 2012

{from where I stand} October, 2012

{gingko leaves in my yard} October, 2012

{my house} October, 2012


Twelve Days of Photos – Day Nine

by Sarah December 28, 2012

{from where I stand} September, 2012

{camera love} September, 2012

{my to do list from Emmy} September, 2012

Twelve Days of Photos – Day Seven

by Sarah December 26, 2012

{untitled} July, 2012

{making art} July, 2012

{the 5%} July, 2012

Twelve Days of Photos – Day Six

by Sarah December 25, 2012

{lee ming wei – the mending project} June, 2012

{cup of tea} June, 2012

{twine} June, 2012

Twelve Days of Photos – Day Five

by Sarah December 24, 2012

{rhythm, shape and line} May, 2012

{sunlight} May, 2012

{pre-eclipse} May, 2012

Twelve Days of Photos – Day Two

by Sarah December 21, 2012

{untitled} February, 2012

{light} February, 2012

{blue bottle coffee} February, 2012


Twelve Days of Photos – Day One

by Sarah December 20, 2012

{coca cola} – January, 2012

{jellies} – January, 2012

{lake shore drive} January, 2012

Welcome to Twelve Days of Photos – 2012. For the next 12 days I will be sharing my favorite instagram photos from 2012. Each day I will be posting 3 photos from each month of the year that are a representation of my experimenting with composition, color, design, and photography. Enjoy!