Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice

by Sarah

For the first Tea Time Thursday post of 2013, I am sharing the new book from one of my favorite artists and friends: Marisa Anne from Creative Thursday. When I started my business back in 2009, I found Marisa while surfing Decor 8. For about a month, I researched different blogs and artists. Marisa’s writing was warm, inviting and kept me coming back each week so I could find out more about her work and her path to creativity.

I have followed her work since and if you have been following me for a long time you know I am a collector of her artwork and she was one of the inaugural instructors and key note speaker at Create Explore Discover two years ago. I consider her an artistic mentor and definitely a dear sweet friend.

Her book, Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice is both a chronicle of her own creative journey and a look at her creative process. In it she shares about how to begin your own creativity journey by setting an intention and how to follow through once you do.  There are great tips on how to find inspiration, daily creating, becoming accountable for your work and your creative time, how to still find time for yourself within your creativity and how to move forward with your creativity if you are ready to share it with the world.

There are lots of tips, tricks, questions and encouragement throughout the book and Marisa’s style of writing will make you feel right at home, giving you a new friend for guidance and kindness along the way.

If there is one creative book to pick up this year, to set you on the path to daily creating, this is the one.

Special congratulations to Marisa for continually creating such fabulous inspiration.

Have a great day everyone.

Create.Explore.Discover is Live

by Sarah

photo credit: Leslie Sophia Lindell

After many months of planning…It’s finally here! Registration is now open for the 2nd annual Create Explore Discover Retreat.

Please join me in welcoming this year’s instructors: Lisa Congdon, Mati McDonough, Liz Kalloch, Jen Lee, Alessandra Cave and Anne Weil. An incredible line-up of creativity and inspiration to fuel your soul for the weekend.

photo credit: Alessandra Cave

In addition to incredible instructors, the location is more than stunning. Truckee, California in the fall and specifically the Cedar House Sport Hotel. Everything is set, now we just need you….

photo credit: Alessandra Cave

I’d like your help.

  • If the retreat looks like something your friends would enjoy, please share it with them.

In return:

  • Everyone is eligible for the early sign up bonuses.

The first 10 registrants receive a printed, signed copy of the 100 Wednesdays manifesto.

Are you ready to feel the wind in your hair? make room for your creative adventures? and make space for time to create? That is what the 100 Wednesday Manifesto and Create Explore Discover are all about. A place to free yourself to allow creativity to be a part of your life and a warm inviting space to give you the confidence to explore that creativity. The manifesto was created out of my desire to share my own feelings and thoughts on creativity and provide a space for my clients to explore as well.

Anyone who signs up before July 15th receives 100 Wednesday’s Summer Jumpstart to Creativity to kickstart your creativity today.

This workbook will give you a summer project to begin and complete with 31 days of photo and writing prompts, a private flickr pool to share your work and total support and encouragement from me as you work through the process.

40 Women, a weekend away to tap back into your creativity, 6 incredible instructors, 15 amazing classes to choose from, Lake Tahoe in Fall,  the 100 Wednesday Manifesto and 100 Wednesday Summer Jumpstart to Creativity Workbook. Join me won’t you?

Create Explore Discover

Sneek Peek: Create Explore Discover 2012 – Registration is Coming

by Sarah

Exciting news….Create Explore Discover 2012 is almost ready for registration. This year the retreat will be held: October 12-14, 2012 and we have six incredible teachers joining us including:

Lisa Congdon an illustrator and fine artist from San Francisco who will be teaching a two day course: Art Filled Accordian Books

mati mcdonough - CED 2012

Mati McDonough an illustrator and fine artist from Oakland, California who will be teaching a two day mixed media course called: Daring Adventures in Paint

jen lee and liz kalloch CED 2012

Liz Kalloch and Jen Lee, artists and creatives from San Rafael, California and New York will join us to teach three separate courses on Indie Publishing.

alessandra cave - CED 2012

Alessandra Cave a film producer and photographer from San Francisco and founder of Gypsy Girl Guide will join us to teach three photography courses.

anne weil head shot

Anne Weil an artist from Boulder, Colorado and owner of Flax and Twine will join us to teach a special two day knitting course.

Along with these very talented and creative women we will again be staying at the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, California. In order to spark your own creativity and to see some of the artists work, I have created special pinterest boards for you to follow along on the journey of prepping the retreat. Links to the boards are below:

create explore discover 2012 – inspiration

create explore discover 2012 – the instructors

create explore discover 2012 – the location

Please note: the retreat will be very intimate and will have space for only 40 participants. Please sign-up for the redlinedesign newsletter in order to be on the list to receive special registration information.

Tea Time Thursday – Composition

by Sarah

How about a little mini tutorial today? When you pick up a camera, what do you think of as you are about to take a photo?

For me it is always about what I am seeing through the lens and this is the basis for all my photography. I am not always concerned with the settings on the camera but they do come into play. What your eyes see, is actually more interesting to me than anything else.

Note the photo above. It was taken with the instagram app on my iphone. One of the best inventions that I have seen so far. Why? well if you have an iphone-you always have a built-in camera with you. No fumbling with lenses, bulky equipment or the like. Just pull it out of your pocket, select the app and then line up what you want to shoot.

The basic elements of design include the following: line, shape, value, color, space and texture. Combined they make up a “composition” which in turn can become a piece of art, an interior space, architecture, a landscape or as in this case a photograph.

Each element was used in this photo.

1. line: can be represented by the artwork, the branches, and the different horizontal and vertical planes.

2. shape: occurs again with the branches and the telephone. It also occurs in the chinese lanterns in the artwork.

3. value: in this photo is the contrast of light and dark created by the wall color, the artwork and the furnishings.

4. color: obviously there is a lot of color in this photo. I am particularly drawn to the contrast between the orange and the blue and how white and black are also used to balance the heaviness of the darker colors.

5. space: I was drawn into this space due to the color and the placement of the objects on the counter. They are not cluttered but instead give a feeling of clean lines and  hip urbaness. 9if that is a word)

6. texture: is achieved with the branches but also with all the smooth surfaces surrounding them. They feel slick yet relaxed.

What makes it interesting for you? I’d love to know in the comments.

For me, it is how all these elements relate to one another. They are laid out intentionally and have a method to their placement. They are pleasing to the eye and always interesting.

Want to learn more about composition, color and photography? Join me for Through Your Eyes at Create Explore Discover.

Have a great Thursday everyone.