Ideas to jumpstart your creativity: Starting a Collection

by Sarah

Collections are a great way of jump starting and sparking your creativity. I have come to realize that I am a collector. My collections range from: rocks, to stationery, to art, to pens, to books. The image above is part of a collection of hearts that I have been gathering over a series of years. Any time I find something that catches my eye, I add it to the collection. Included in this collection are two books: This is For You by Rob Ryan and Heart Stones by Josie Iselin. Some heart stones that I have collected from Lake Tahoe and two painted ones that I found on a shopping excursion. Cards, stationery and party supplies also become a source of inspiration for me and as you can see have been added to this grouping.

I also have a pin board called All for Love where I gather images with hearts or items that speak to me about love. This is a really large board that I have been gathering and adding items to for about a year and a half. In one of my next posts I will share my favourites from the board.

One of my favourite books on collections is by artist, Lisa Congdon. For a year she photographed all the collections on a blog called Collection a Day. Her photos were then turned into a book by Uppercase.

So how do you start a collection? Find something you love and begin to gather items that speak to you in some form or another. As your collection grows organize them in a way that is appealing to you, take a photograph (as Lisa did), draw a sketch and place them somewhere that you can admire them everyday.

What kind of collections do you have? How do arrange them? If you have photos provide a link in the comments. I’d love to see them.

Have a great day.