august break: I love…

September 02, 2014

This month I have been sharing some of my favorite prompts and photos from August Break 2014. Today is my last post before returning back to September. The prompt I love…sent me on a trip up to Lake Tahoe and this image. One of my favorite stopping points when we have guests visiting and it […]

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august break 2014 : black and white

August 27, 2014

{black and white} Nevada is an exceptionally colorful place. The sky is the bluest blue and the earth a series of greens, browns and pops of color based upon the season. With this prompt I chose to take out all the color and see what would happen. This particular day was really sunny but the […]

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august break 2014: shadow

August 25, 2014

{Shadow} Swimming Pools make a fantastic show for shadows. Not only do you get the sun’s reflection bouncing off the water, you get great shadows of people and things interacting with the water. Happy Monday everyone!  

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august break 2014: drink

August 20, 2014

{drink} A boy turning into a man…my thoughts when I captured this photo. At first I wanted just the drink and then he started playing and covering up the mug with his phone. All of a sudden it struck me…his hands around the mug, him growing and getting ready to leave the nest…I had to […]

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august break 2014 – windows

August 18, 2014

{window} My neighbors have been clearing out an old farming field near my house; it is an area that I use many times for inspiration in my photographic work so when I saw they were clearing it, I panicked a little and wanted to capture it just as it has been for the past 10 […]

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