Art Inside Women Event

by Sarah

Who are your favorite women? What do you do together? How about a day out to enjoy their company and make some art?

On March 1st, I am co-hosting Art Inside Women with my friend Sharon DeMattia. Sharon and I met through our children as many of us do and immediately connected. Over the last 6 months or so we have been hugely supportive of each other in our own entrepreneurial adventures and I have watched as Sharon has been extraordinarily blessed in growing her own business: Art Inside Me.

In my mind, Sharon is leading a revolution of looking inside yourself and starting a conversation with yourself through art. Her projects are awe inspiring and have included: breast cancer survivors, the homeless of Reno, men, women and most recently an entire local elementary school. She is changing lives through these projects and it is my honor to co-host this event in March.

So grab your favorite ladies and enjoy a day out together. We have set the date (March 1), the location (SoDo Restaurant), the time (11:30-4:00pm) and have rounded up some amazing speakers to share their stories; now all we need is you!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.