September Creativity Tips – Starting a Personal Project

by Sarah

Copy of Copy of Copy of holiday sale

“Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits” – Twyla Tharp

Back in June, I asked you to follow along with a new book I was reading called The Wander Society. I have read about 3/4 of the book. In it, Keri Smith discusses Walt Whitman and the fact that he may be one of the founders of this “secret society”. I’m not sure what I think about the possibility of a secret society of artists and creatives but I do believe it’s a great place to begin to explore and find new ways of refining your path.


[Mary Jo Hoffman – STILL – relative losses]

This month, I’m taking that explorer notion and opening it up to “personal projects”. These are projects you create that are purely for the desire of making and building your skill set as an artist. I have completed several of these over the past few years and find my art and photography has really grown because of the discipline to do something continuously.


[Mary Jo Hoffman – STILL – one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small]

I’m also inspired by other artists and their thought processes behind what they create. Have you seen STILL blog? It is a blog created by artist – Mary Jo Hoffman. She has been sharing a daily photo for (4) years, of gathered natural objects, on a white background. The images are strikingly beautiful but its also the discipline to keep creating after such a long period of time that interests me.



[Lisa Congdon – Collection a Day – 2010]

Of course, I couldn’t write a post about personal projects without including, my dear friend Lisa Congdon. One of her first personal projects is called: A Collection a Day where she photographed a collection each day for 365 days. This project had it’s own blog and eventually turned into a book published by Uppercase Magazine.


[Lisa Congdon – Experiments in Blue – Week 34]

Lisa’s most recent project is entitled Experiments in Blue. For 52 weeks, Lisa is painting, drawing and creating artwork using primarily blue as a starting point for her creations. As you can see these are two very different projects that show a great range in her development as an artist.


[Lisa Congdon – Experiments in Blue – Week 23]

By continually stretching yourself and gathering subjects that interest you, your art, photography and creative discipline will grow into a body of work that over time can become a jumping off point for further exploration.

In the coming months I will be exploring personal projects in greater depth and sharing some of my personal journeys with you.

Have a great Thursday!

Note: Special Thanks to Mary Jo Hoffman for the use of her images and to Lisa Congdon for the constant friendship and YES! when asked to use her images!


Nick Holmes: Time Spent Falling

by Sarah Stevenson

nick holmes

Poetry has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. As a child my aunt-Sally Morrison would read A. A. Milne out loud to me and my cousin; later in high school I remember reading Beowulf and really falling in love with way the words flowed across the page. This summer, I picked up a copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman and have I Sing The Body Electric” marked dutifully with a pencil. I had almost forgotten my love of language and then I read Time Spent Falling by my friend Nick Holmes.

nick holmes

Nick is a portrait photographer, actor and an incredibly talented poet. His portrait work spans across Hollywood and beyond and I feel blessed that my own son Ben is included in his portfolio. You may know Nick as a “Gilmore Guy” who is reprising his role as Robert on the upcoming Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life. But to me, it’s his words and photography that really show his true artistry.

Poetry is not something that you read quickly; instead it is something to be savored to allow the words to truly enter your soul. It is a beautiful form of writing that expresses deep emotions and feeling without being pretentious. Nick captures this perfectly with his prose and keeps you wanting more.

nick holmes

Time Spent Falling renewed something in me that has been laying under the surface for many years. Sometimes in life we can forget parts of our deepest selves only to be reminded by beautiful words on a page. Nicks poetry does just that…gives you a reminder, a nudge if you will, to something deep inside and encourages you in bringing it back to the surface.

In his words:

“My hopeful wish is that any one of these, with luck perhaps a few, will serve you as they served me. A memory recalled, a flavor not forgotten, a lover called to attention, or the simple escape inside yourself.”

nick holmes

I quite often write about the cross over of disciplines in this space and have lately been broadening my reach of creatives to share with you here. As artists, we are often called to many different sources of creativity, whether it be acting, photography, painting, or writing. Nick transforms these many disciplines and shares his mastery of seeing and feeling in both his writing and photography.

nick holmes

Virginia Madsen wrote about the book:

“In many ways, poetry is the music of literature. It often reflects the changing moods and trends in society. But somewhere along the way, we have lost the gift of language. TIME SPENT FALLING is reminiscent of a time when that gift was treasured…”

Thank you Nick for sharing this treasure with the world and thank you for providing all the excerpts, photos and cover art for this piece. You are a pleasure and someone I am happy to call a friend.

You can find Nick at the following:

Website: Nick Holmes

Instagram: @narcissusholmes @narcissushorse and @nickholmeshair

Twitter: @narcissusholmes

Have a great weekend everyone!

NOTE: Please do not use images from this post unless you have permission from the artist. Thank You.





Elle Luna: The Crossroads of Should and Must

by Sarah

Should_Must_Jacket Image_2D

Last fall I read The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna. After I read the book, I put it down for a few months. For some reason I kept coming back to the beautiful illustrations and the message that it was sharing for me. I’d tried to write a post but the right words wouldn’t come so I tucked the book away and moved on with my fall doing normal life things that Elle calls SHOULD.

“Should is how other people want us to live our lives…. It’s all the expectations that others layer upon us….” p. 29

I also signed up for ALT Summit (a design blogging conference in Salt Lake City) and lo and behold Elle was slated as the closing keynote speaker. I’ve attended ALT four times and this year really was a turning point for me and my business. At the keynote, I sat in the front row and throughout the speech I kept nodding in agreement to everything that Elle was saying.

As a speaker, I know that when you find someone in the audience that connects with your topic you have a tendency to continually look at and focus on that person. Elle was looking at me in the front row and I was nodding!

Alt Winter 2016 Closing Keynote with Elle Luna from ALT Summit on Vimeo.

Here is a link to her speech in its entirety. Its really worth a listen and something to come back to over and over again.

After ALT I came home and again pulled out The Crossroads of Should and Must This time I absorbed the meaning behind it in terms of my own life and career. I’ve been incredibly lucky in choosing MUST…and having such a great network of support all around me has definitely helped along the way.

According to Elle:

“Must is different. Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self.” p.31

I knew I wanted to be an interior designer as a senior in high school and I followed that path. Once I got into the business of interior design I followed my PASSION for 13 years working in Chicago for Fortune 500 clients. Along the way I learned how to project manage, design and made some of the best friends in my life. But ultimately I was missing some piece of my own creativity. I could never quite put my finger on it until I had my first child and then my second. After both their births I had come another crossroads and had chosen a different MUST – raising a family. This has been the most important MUST of my life and one that I have treasured every step of the way. I have shared art, design, photography, creativity and a love for the world with my children and have helped them grow into who they are today! (Thanks to my dear friends Aryn and Lisa for reminding me of this recently)

Now that my kids are older, I am once again coming to those crossroads. Elle’s book reminds us that we come to this over and over again in our lives and this really isn’t a bad thing at all. I’m excited what MUST has in store for me now and have been exploring what it means for me…Photography, painting, writing, books, music, theater, film and travel. With these passions I always thought that they must be my career but I have come to realize that they are now just an extension of who I have become. I am lucky enough to get to share my passions with the world through my business and in this space. But I also get to savor some of the MUSTS just for myself and that’s the best part of all.

For those of you out there who are unsure of where your path is leading, look at where you are and you will find that you are actually right where you need to be on this journey. Enjoy the moment!

Elle says it best at the end of her book:

“We each have a unique potential that was given to us at birth, but whether or not we cultivate it is entirely up to us. In its purest sense, Must is why we are here to begin with, and choosing it is the journey of our lives.”

Special Thanks to Rebecca and Jenny of Workman Publishing for providing photos from the book, ALT Summit for the Keynote Address, Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth photography from ALT and Elle Luna for creating such a beautiful book and story about choosing MUST.

You can follow Elle on Instagram: @elleluna

Have a great Wednesday everyone!




January 2016 – Creative Tips

by Sarah

January 2016 Creative Tips

January is a time for new beginnings, renewing your creative alignment and starting new projects. For me, that means cleaning my studio, starting a new sketchbook, setting creative goals and adding a few new tools to my creative practice. It also means assessing how I grew as an artist last year and where I want to see myself at the end of 2016.

Last year was a different year for me creatively. I had shoulder surgery in March so that took out many months of creative exploration. I did however participate in my first show – The Strike Away Show and I have plans to submit my work to several shows this year. I completed my 100 Wednesdays Black and White Photography Project and this year have decided to tackle a 365 Pattern Play Personal Project to grow my surface pattern making skills. I like sketching and playing with pattern in my sketchbook so for January most of the pieces will be simple patterns that I draw or paint in an 8×8 sketchbook. You can follow along at #100wednesdaypp on instagram and of course in this space on Wednesdays throughout the year. I painted a lot over November and December and am still continuing on my #52paintingclass journey. I have now painted 13 pieces of the 52 I had set out to complete.

My children gave me a full set of Crayola crayons, markers, and paints for Christmas and also a beautiful coloring book so these are fun tools for me to play and explore with during the month.

If you are just beginning your own creative journey this year – I encourage you to pick something simple and fun and try it for 30 days. It can be as easy as picking up a coloring book and coloring the pages before you or as challenging as a personal project for the year.

I’d love to hear what you have in store. Please feel free to share in the comments and don’t forget to link to where we can find you. We’d love to follow your creative journey.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Enjoy Life Sip by Sip

by Sarah

enjoy life

Although I have been relatively quiet here in the last several months I have been creating like a mad woman. Sketching, photography, painting, and reading a lot!

Part of all this creating has been experimenting with different art supplies including gouache, pen and ink and marker. this piece is one of my experiments and I am showing it to you today to remind you doing the work is the only way to grow a creative practice. I have now filled several pads of mixed media paper with different pieces including this one. Some days it is really hard, others the inspiration comes quickly.

week 5 pattern colored

One of my favorite areas of experimenting has been with pattern design. I learned how to create an 8×8 pattern from Molly Hatch on Creative Live last month and I think I have finally found a way to create patterns that works with my hand drawing background and my computer skills. I have a companion piece in the works for this one. I’ll share it here and on instagram once its complete.

Have a great Monday everyone!


class review: 52 painting class

by Sarah

she sleeps in the meadow

Back in March of this year I joined Mati McDonough and Faith Evan-Sills on a year long journey of painting in their online course 52 Paintings: Exploration, Self Discovery and Community through Painting. Unfortunately for me, the beginning of class coincided with my shoulder surgery and I was unable to participate until early this summer.

untitled #2

My goal with this course is to create 52 pieces of art and build my portfolio while making and learning new techniques. So far I have completed 3 paintings; only 49 to go!

The course itself is very easy to manage with a busy schedule and I often listen to the content at night and then paint when I have free time in my schedule. I have always enjoyed classes with Mati and looking around my studio, many of the pieces hanging I have created when working with her. Faith has amazing videos and shares so much of her process from her studio in Charleston, SC. The content is robust and the techniques and tools shared have grown my art practice.

The online connection with other artists is also invaluable. Being able to post your work in the facebook group or in the online classroom has been helpful for feedback, a pat on the back and meeting other like minded artists.

This course is only halfway completed and you can sign-up at any time. I definitely recommend it for growing your art practice and your portfolio.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


redlinedesign: strike away show

by Sarah


Today, I am really excited to share that I am participating in my first show in San Francisco. My friend Courtney Cerruti along with Alicia of @adorndesign have created The Strike Away Show which is a show of matchbooks. you can alter them, paint them, chop them up or do whatever to make them your own.


The show is open to anyone that would like to participate and you can find more information on Courtney’s site.

I’ll be creating my pieces this weekend and hope to share some of my process with you over the coming weeks.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Nevada Museum of Art: Artists’ Roundtable

by Sarah


On Saturday, February 21 I will be joining Casey Sibley, Lisa Kurt and Francis Melhop for an artists’ roundtable and discussion on identifying yourself as an artist. We will be talking about “branding”, building your portfolio, finding work, building your audience and your artists network.

I hope you will join us for this lively discussion.

You can register on the Nevada Museum of Art website.

See you there!

Have a great Monday everyone.

redlinedesign: Edible Reno/Tahoe

by Sarah


I’m so excited to share that three of my paintings are part of the Winter Edition of Edible Reno/Tahoe.

Thanks so much for the wonderful write up, Amanda and for including all three of the pieces with your Winter Food Guide.

With winter squash, kiwi and pomegranates in season I know I will be doing some cooking with some of my favorite fruits and veges.


You can find Edible Reno/Tahoe at local restaurants and shops. The magazine is free and is a a great resource for local food and recipes.


The originals I painted are now available for sale in the redlinedesign shop.



Today is the last day for USPS shipping for gifts to arrive by Christmas.

Have a great Monday everyone!

redlinedesign: FLASH SALE TODAY ONLY

by Sarah


Just popping in to let you know that I have added some original mixed media work to the shop, just in time for the holidays. You will be hearing more about these pieces in the next week but in the meantime the originals are now for sale along with many other goodies.


In addition the entire redlinedesign shop is having a FLASH SALE for today only. As a thank you for all your support through the years, take 20% your purchase. Today only! Use code: FLASHSALE

Happy Friday everyone!

PS. December 15th is the cut off for STANDARD USPS delivery for Christmas and my last shipping day for orders

Maira Kalman: Portraits in Creativity

by Sarah

I’m off today on a little adventure with my husband to get my creative fix and pick up some art supplies in San Francisco. In the meantime, I thought you would all enjoy this incredible video on Maira Kalman about Creativity. The video is part of a series by: Gael Towey, a former Creative Director for Martha Stewart Living magazine. “Gael Towey’s great love is storytelling. “Portraits in Creativity”, the series of short-form videos directed and produced by Towey, seeks to capture the bravery of artists and artisans, and reveals the visual seduction of the creative process.”

One of my favorite parts of the video is towards the end when she is learning ballet for Peter and the Wolf.

In addition, she talks about the book she created: Girls Standing on Lawns with MoMA and Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket). I purchased this book on one of my last trips to New York. I absolutely love it and was so excited that Maira shared about its creation in the video.

Have a great Monday everyone and I look forward to sharing my own portraits in creativity in the coming weeks.


Daring Adventures in Collage – Week Three/Four

by Sarah


{Em – week 3}

A few weeks ago, I shared a post with artwork from Daring Adventures in Collage, a course my daughter and I have been taking with Mati McDonough. Today, I am sharing week three and four with you. Our project for week three was to create a surrealist collage.


{Sarah – Week 3}

These pieces were really fun to create. Em chose to completely collage first and then highlight areas with white pen. I chose to explore with some of my pen work and old photographs and leave the background of my board in a natural state.


{collaboration by Sarah and Em – Week 4}

For week four we “got our collage on” and chose to work with our initials. Em combined all the colors and patterns to create the ampersand in the middle. This was definitely like stepping back into crafting and all three pieces were created with paper and matte medium.

Mati really knows how to help you have fun during your creative moments. We were able to sit back, relax and let the paper be our guide. Next week, we will be giving away a copy of Mati’s book: Daring Adventures in Paint over on the facebook page. We will also be highlighting Mati as she will be teaching for the 3rd year at our retreat. Her classes sell out quickly and from taking this course with her you can see why. She is fun, easy going, creative and embraces her creativity in all she creates.




Daring Adventures in Collage – week one/two

by Sarah


{week one – sarah}

For the last month my daughter Emily and I have been participating in Daring Adventures in Collage with my friend Mati McDonough. Daring Adventures is a 5 week mixed media collage and painting class that is a perfect course to do with a friend or a child. Em and I have enjoyed creating together each week and I am excited to share our work with you.


{week one – Emily}

For week one, we selected an animal and made our images strictly out of collage and paint. I went back to a project I worked on last year for Making Art that Sells and recreated a piece with the snail. Em chose one of our favorite books Zen Shorts as the basis for her piece.


{week two – sarah}

Week Two was all about using collage as the basis for your piece. We both started by collaging and layering paper on our canvas. I love how we each took different directions and and color schemes. It was fun for both of us to interpret the exercise in different ways.


{week two – Em}

I know several of you have asked about classes you can take with your children and I would highly recommend any of Mati’s courses. You can find out more about her classes on her website and she will be teaching at this years art retreat as well.


Urban Roots – Art, Food and Roots Event

by Sarah


{flowers in red}I’m thrilled to announce that two of my mixed media art pieces will be part of this years Urban Roots: Art, Food and Roots Event on July 27th. The two pieces shown here will be on display available for purchase at businesses throughout our community from June 23rd until July 20th. As soon as the locations are determined, I will announce them here, and mark your calendars to come see the artworks displayed at Urban Roots Farm at the event on July 27th!
Art, Food, and Roots is an annual community celebration to benefit Urban Roots‘ farm and garden education programs.


{flower in blue}

Art, Food, and Roots Event Schedule via Urban Roots:

4:30pm | Farm to Fork Dinner: We are happy to announce local chef Mark Estee (Campo, Heritage, Chez Louie) be our chef and featured guest speaker for this year’s event. He will be creating and preparing the menu for dinner in the FarmHouse, based on locally sourced ingredients. The dinner will be followed by a talk discussing local food in Reno. Tickets may be purchased for $200 by emailing Space is limited.

6:00pm | Open House at Urban Roots: Come see the farm and build community! We will be taking small groups on guided tours of our teaching gardens. Items donated from our community will be up for silent auction, as well as raffle. Enjoy refreshments available for donation, and dancing to live music. This event is family-friendly, so feel free to bring the whole crew along!

Follow Urban Roots and Art, Food and Roots Event on Facebook.



Reno Mini Maker Faire – Art

by Sarah

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

{The Lear Theater by ABCArtAttack}

For me, the Mini Maker Faire in Reno was all about collaboration, connection and art. I was blown away by the art pieces that were showcased for the TEDxReno event and then for our event last Saturday. The piece above was created by Bryce Chisholm a local artist who’s work can be seen all over Reno. This piece was painted on the side of an electrical box outside the theater and will become a part of the local landscape around Riverside Drive. TEDx shared a great video about Bryce’s art which you can see here: Bryce Chisholm Video


{Believe by Jeff Schomberg and Laura Kimpton}

The full word Believe is now in its temporary home at the ice rink in downtown Reno. Reno Gazette Journal also has a great video to watch on the making of the art pieces. So definitely take a moment and click on the link above. I particularly enjoyed Jeff speaking about how he gives away the bird pieces and that they now exist all over the world.


{Library of Babel by Warwick Macmillian and crew}

Warwick and his crew currently work out of the Generator in Sparks and are creating a new installation for this years upcoming Burning Man. The installation aptly named The Library of Babel will house hand made books with handmade paper and a series of lighted pieces that you see below based upon the works of Borges. You can follow along their journey of creating their exhibit on their facebook page: The Library of Babel and most recently they have started a kickstarter campaign that you can connect to through this video: The Library of Babel


{Library of Babel by Warwick McMillian and Crew}

Inspired by all this making and creating? Why not share something you have been working on in the comments?

Have a great Friday everyone!


Emily Jeffords

by Sarah

Emily Jeffords from Traveling Storytellers on Vimeo.

I first came across Emily Jeffords work at ALT Summit this past January. As you may or may not know, ALT is known for their business card walls. If you attend a summit you will see several magnetized areas to hang your business cards. Theses are not your run of the mill cards but instead a beautiful collection of artistic pieces created by bloggers, graphic designers, and artists.

This is where I found Emily’s work. It instantly caught my eye and I knew I had found something of value and incredible beauty. Once I got home, I signed up for her newsletter and instagram and have been following her work since.

Today, I received this lovely video via Emily’s newsletter and just had to share it with you this morning. Now I really need to buy one of her pieces…

Happy Tuesday everyone!

lilla rogers bootcamp: cuckoo clocks

by Sarah


For the past year, I have been a participant in Lilla Rogers, Make Art that Sells courses. I have not shared much of my work from those classes here as they are mainly in process or “experiments” for my developing my style and building a portfolio of work. I am involved right now in the 3rd installment of classes called Bootcamp, where for 6 months you receive a mini project and guidelines for a larger project that gets loaded to a gallery where your work can be seen by a greater audience.

The lessons I am learning from taking these courses are huge and I want to share some of them with you today.

1. Start where you are and embrace that point in your own creativity. There are artists at all different levels participating in this course and it can be intimidating seeing the work of people that have skills that you may or may not have developed. Do it anyway. You will grow and advance your own skills only by doing the work.

2. People buy your joy. Share your story but also share how much you love creating because that is what will show through in your work and developing your skills/style. Renew your own excitement about creativity and embrace the joy of creating just like when you were a child. Have fun, don’t stress over perfection and just enjoy the work.

3. Join in with the community. The most valuable part of being in a creative online course is engaging with the community and sharing your work with others. Out of the sessions I have taken, I am seeing artist groups forming, excitement shared when someone achieves a goal or lands a project, creative resources shared and templates shared to help you achieve a positive outcome in your own work. There is nothing greater for an artist to have and build a community.

4. Most importantly, make time to CREATE. The only way you will grow as an artist is to make time (even if it is small chunks between picking up kids at school or during nap time or late at night after working a long day) to hone your craft. I can speak from authority on this one as I manage two kids, a spouse, two dogs and a small business and I still carve out some time during my day to draw, take a photograph, dream and create.

The photo I am sharing above is part of this months project. I did not meet the deadline because of all the “other” things I had going on but I am still using the skills I learned from class this month to complete the assignment and make art that I enjoy and will be sharing with you guys as I go along. My goal for next month is to complete the project and upload it to the gallery at the end of the month so that it can be shared along with approx. 400 other students work. For now, I share the “in process” piece with you and a goal of completing it before the March project arrives in my inbox.

If you would like to see the gallery of work created this month, feel free to pop on over to Lilla Rogers site. You can link to many artists websites from their pieces and even purchases the products through them.

Have a great Thursday everyone.

papernstitch shop of the day

by Sarah


I’m so excited to share that the redlinedesign® shop is the shop of the day on papernstitch today. Not only has Brittni shared my individual pieces with her audience, today she is sharing the entire shop. What a fabulous early Christmas gift. Thank you Brittni!

Happy Monday everyone….

contemplate how amazing life is…

by Sarah


This month I am honored to be a featured artist on papernstitch. Today the piece above is also a daily favorite. Although, holiday shipping has passed, consider a package of these inspirational quotes (1) for each month of 2014 as a special gift to yourself.

Have a great Thursday everyone.

Kiala Givehand: mixed media inspiration deck

by Sarah


This morning when I opened my email, I saw a note that said “make something”. Sometimes those words can be overwhelming. Where do you start? what sort of materials do you use? how am I going to do this? Today, I am going to share a really fun tool by my friend Kiala Givehand that can help to ease those questions and get you on the road to creating.

Kiala has just introduced a mixed media inspiration deck; A deck of cards with creative prompts to help you get started, unstuck or to just fuel your own mixed media work. As you know, when I first started back into painting, I chose to create small pieces that I could finish, so I had a sense of accomplishment in my art. Today, I will be working on an 8×8 ampersand museum gessobord and will use Kiala’s prompts to make a piece of art from start to finish.

Come along with me as I create the piece. I will be photographing each step and card as of course photography is also one of my creative outlets. I’ll be creating this piece with (13) cards.


Select your medium (8×8 ampersand museum gessobord/cradled 2″ deep) and gather the card deck


Step One:  write in various directions using a permanent pen or marker (Faber-Castell PITT artist pen – black bold)


Step Two –  use watercolors (Derwent Watercolor Pencil Crimson Lake 20)


Step Three:  doodle or draw random shapes (Faber Castell PITT Pens Dark Sepia Bold)


Step Four: add a 3-D element (vintage bingo tile #41)


Step Five: use your favorite rubber stamp (#5 from Vintage Numbers rubber stamp collection)


Step Six: use a color you typically don’t use (Liquitex Soft Body Cadmium Orange Hue from my daughters paint collection)


Step Seven: write with paint brush using india ink or paint (blue paint mixture to make lines and marks)


Step Eight: add a photo (vintage photo copied on inkjet printer and added with matte medium)


Step Nine: add washi tape, tissue tape or masking tape (black patterned washi tape and bright green washi tape)


Step Ten: create and use shapes from old book pages (copy of my grandmothers high school poetry book; her writing included as notes)


Step Eleven: add ephemera (vintage book binding paper scraps)


Step Twelve: add gesso in random places (I did not have gesso available so I mixed Golden Iridescent Pearl and Liquitex Titanium White)


Step Thirteen: use black gesso or black paint to cover something up (a mix of Liquitex Ivory Black and the white from the previous step to make a dark grey)


Final Step: Repeat of two cards to add additional paint and drawing elements

What an incredibly fun deck of cards. In addition, to my project today there is a week long blog hop going on with other artists using the deck to create pieces. The other artists include:

As well as a variety of art projects, Kiala is giving away some amazing art classes and kits on December 9th.

  • I’ll be giving away one Mixed Media Inspiration Deck on this blog so be sure to leave a comment below on what excites you about art and creating to be eligible.
  • Hop on over to Kiala’s site to be sure to get your name in for some amazing giveaways.

Special Thanks to Kiala for the beautiful write up about me today on her blog and for inviting me to share my art through this blog hop.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

a Rafflecopter giveaway






redlinedesign®: holiday shop is now open

by Sarah


the redlinedesign® shop is now open….please stop by and enjoy.

as a special thank you for reading the blog also enjoy 20% off your first order, valid until December 1, 2013. Use the code: 2013blogholiday when you are checking out.

happy holidays everyone!


redlinedesign®: notebooks

by Sarah


As I mentioned earlier this week, the redlinedesign® shop has gone through a major overhaul for the holidays and will reopen tomorrow at 10 am with all new hand drawn and painted illustrations and notebooks, just in time for your holiday gift giving. The image in the photo was an illustration designed by me based upon Ukrainian Folk Art and a course I took this fall with Lilla Rogers. It is my interpretation of the beautiful hand drawings and design that comes out of the Ukraine and also some of the motifs that you see on hand drawn Easter Eggs from the area. I have loved the designs and the eggs since I was a little girl and I had so much fun revisiting my childhood when I created these.

The notebooks are pocket size: 3.5×5 and are a perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift. The pages inside are blank. Each notebook purchased this holiday season will come with a pencil to help get those creative lists started.

To get on the early bird list for the shop opening don’t forget to sign up here: earlybird list and receive a special discount code for 20% off your first order.

redlinedesign® – new mixed media

by Sarah





(4) new mixed media pieces in progress

Happy Tuesday everyone

redlinedesign: new artwork

by Sarah


As you may know, if you follow the blog regularly, I have been doing a lot of hand drawing and painting this year. I have enjoyed it so much and from the looks of the likes in my instagram feed, you have too. For this year, I created a grouping of quotes to inspire the participants. I’d love to inspire you too.

Hand drawn and hand painted quotes are coming to the shop this Friday, November 22. (12) different images all mounted on black 5×7 card stock, available individually, as a set of (4) or boxed and ready for gift giving as a set of (12) one for each month of the year. Be first on the exclusive product offering list to know when the shop is up and running.

Happy Monday everyone!


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