a year of flowers

by Sarah


{2004 – pencil sketch of a rose}

In 2004, I was taking an art class where I was learning all about different sorts of tools to use in creating pieces of art. Recently, I was looking through my sketchbooks from that time and noticed a theme of flowers and nature that emerged in my work. Somewhere in the middle of 2005 I stopped creating and did not begin again until around 2010. For 5 years my creativity lay dormant, until I took a course offered by my Andrea Scher called Mondo Beyondo. Through that course I embarked on a  journey that took me from photography, to embroidery to mixed media art and much of the work you see here on my site today.

yof2014jan4{2004 – watercolor still life}

As 2013 came to an end, I felt unsure of where to go with my own creative side projects. My 100 Wednesdays project will end on July 2nd of this year and I am trying to decide how that project will be ultimately packaged and presented to the world. I have explored many areas of art and design but I do not consider myself an expert in any one area except, Commercial Interior Design which was my career for about 25 years. What I do know is that I have a desire to understand and really learn about a specific topic and hopefully become an expert in something else during my lifetime.


{ 2004 – black ink tree}

When I was exploring my sketchbooks, my photography and one of my most popular pinterest boards, I found a common theme around flowers, trees, gardens and nature.


{2004 – garden gate; black ink sketch from photograph}

Beginning this month, I will be embarking on a journey called A Year in Flowers. In an attempt to become more of an expert in the area of mixed media art and photography, I will be exploring the theme of flowers, seeds, nature etc.. You can follow along on my new tumblr site: A Year in Flowers and on flickr to see how it all unfolds.

I’m really excited to share this project with you and I hope you will find a creative side project for yourself this year. Please feel free to share any project you are working on with a link so that others may find you.

Have a great Monday everyone.