Drawing Lab-Week 2

by Sarah

Week 2 of Drawing Lab–this week was all about contour drawings and specifically giraffes. I happen to love giraffes and everything about them but I had trouble drawing them…This was my best attempt and the only one I am going to show you this week. Emily and I googled giraffes on the internet and found some fabulous photos on National Geographic Kids that were our subjects. I personally loved the close-ups that did not show the entire body and then there was a photo straight on of three babies that I tried to draw but my mind was somewhere else (lots of distraction this week). I am also choosing to do all my work in my favorite Moleskine Sketchbook, so you can see a little shadow of last weeks cats peering through the background….At first that irritated me but then I decided it was kind of cool to see how my work is evolving and where it has been….I am going to attempt some more of these and will show you my results….I found it really interesting that I definitely need a quiet, relaxed state of mind to let my creativity flow…do you?

Emily’s giraffes…I love each and every one of them…I think Em liked drawing in bed so much that she thought it was part of the entire course of the book and made us sit in bed to draw giraffes. My two favorites are the one where the eyes are not attached to the body of the giraffe and the head on the left of the page. In order for her to feel comfortable drawing, she put a blind fold on (she said she did not want to cheat) and I tell you it worked. It amazes me each time she draws something, it comes so naturally and easily….one thing I have been pondering is at what age does this change for us? When does it become so hard to be creative?

We will be traveling next week but bringing our sketchbooks with us….We will post Week 3 when we return….

Drawing Lab is a weekly Meet Up over on my friend Angie’s Blog. Check it out, it is a great project to do with your kids….

Drawing Lab-One

by Sarah

(drawing by me, Sarah age 43)

30 Cats in Bed? What prey tell is this all about? Well, my daughter Emily and I are participating in a project called 52 Drawing Lab that is being hosted by my friend Angie over at Angie Allen over at angieallen.com (formally Jumping Jack Designs) Each Thursday she will be posting a drawing lab from the book with the same name by Carla Sonnheim and she is inviting you to come along on a “raw creativity” journey…..

Our first project for 52 Drawing Lab was to draw 30 cats in bed….We both did that or at least I did….I have to say it was difficult. I don’t particularly like cats and Em is allergic to them so it was difficult for us to feel much passion about these little critters. One cat that I like is the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and my most recent memory of him is from Tim Burtons version. I chose to call him Chester and he is shown above with his wild and crazy grin…

(Drawings by Emily-Age 9)

Em chose to take our naming process a little further and named each of her cats…My favorite: Mo and then her version of  the Cheshire Cat (Mr. Chester) Not so sure about Larry on the right, he reminded me of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch but she assures me that it is a cat…..She named all her cats–some of the names: Mr. Angry, No Name, Hippy, 1950’s Girl, Rocky and Elvis–My favorite name: Mr. Body (a cat drawn without a head) She chose not to complete all 30 saying that “I am allergic to cats mom, I don’t want to draw 30 of them” and off she went……

Have a great Thursday everyone…..