Storytelling and Creativity

July 12, 2012

About 3 years ago, I began a search to redefine my creativity. I was burned out from my job as an interior designer. Too many hours and too little time left me unable to turn on my creative brain. Although I truly longed to be able to, the creativity would just not present itself in any way, shape or form. Around the same time I was also in physical therapy for a shoulder injury and arrived one day mentally and physically unable to focus on the repair of my injury. (If you have ever been in physical therapy for an injury, then you know that the process of therapy is long and can be pretty intense. My own therapy was 3-4 days a week for 1-1/2 hours and continued for close to 18 months as I had unforeseeable set backs with my shoulder.) My therapist took one look me and said “..O.K. time to regroup….What in your world do you long to do? If you could take just one hour today what would you do?…”

Photography was my answer. So instead of more heat, more stretching and more pain, he had me go and get my camera and spend the next hour taking photos around my neighborhood. I drove my car and stopped when I saw something that caught my eye. The photograph at the beginning of this piece was one of the first photos I took that day and has since become a symbol for my business and my own desire to slow down and see the world around me. This one hour exercise was also the beginning of my rebirth into a creative world and the beginning of my business: Red Line Design.

The concept of taking an hour for yourself and doing something you absolutely love and are passionate about is what I now strive to do in my business everyday and how I model all my teaching and sharing with clients. Out of an hour of simple photography has come an incredible wealth of helping others and assisting them in finding their creative passions. I am not always perfect in my own creative endeavours and I do not expect that others will be either but being able to share my passion for learning, creativity and photographs has presented me with a truly unique and inspiring way to lead my life. It has opened up many doors for creative projects that otherwise would not exist including The Create Explore Discover Art Retreat that is in its 2nd year this fall and meeting a wide array of artists defining their own creative paths and telling their own stories.

Storytelling and creativity go hand in hand and I have found that you can’t seem to completely have one without the other. Doesn’t hearing the personal side of a piece of art, a photograph or someones journey in life make you more likely to feel a connection to the artist? It certainly does for me.

If you are interested in finding out more about my photographic work or purchasing items from my collection please visit: my shop and for iphone cases, framed prints and stationery visit: redlinedesign on society 6.

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