six weeks of creating weeks 2 and 3

by Sarah September 07, 2010

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”
— Charles Eames

Yesterday, I introduced you to week one of my six week creative journey with Creative Thursday. Today, weeks two and three.

Week 2 – One Minute Drawings

I have included what I wrote for week two to show you how sometimes, simplicity can be the key to creativity. During the first few weeks of class I struggled with being able to sit down and work on the projects assigned to us. I was still recovering from surgery in June, my kids were at the height of summer vacation and for a week my husband was also on vacation. It was distraction all about. So Week Two did not get done until Week Three but here is what I created and what I posted with the creation.

“Today was an art day in my studio…..Finally!!!! I have been working on bits and pieces the last several weeks but nothing was coming together for me. These drawings are called one minute drawings and I have done them before but never like this. They come from a little book called Art Escapes-Daily Exercises and Inspirations by Dory Kanter. I have had this book for years and sometimes when inspiration is not coming to me I browse the book to get ideas.
Generally, you would take a sketchbook and draw 2″x2″ squares on a page and create little one minute drawings in each square using different drawing tools, such as pens, pencils, markers etc. The drawings are meant to be quick so it doesn’t matter if they are perfect. They are what they are when you are complete and I love them….
I had a little pack of Strathmore Artist Trading Cards that I used to create these. I also have these very large piece of poster board sitting on my desk that I doodle on, write phone numbers, color, and this is where some of my inspiration came from.
Drawing #1 is from a pack of stamps I picked up at the art store. Very simple and very quick… Drawing #2 is from my sketch book and was posted on my blog in July. One of my friends said she would like these on a t-shirt or a bag so I thought I would try and sketch them again. Drawing #3 is a flower I doodled on my poster board. I colored it in with blue prismacolor pencil. (I like the one on my desk better). Drawing #5 is a california poppy that I drew from a photograph that I am putting on my etsy shop (but it hasnt quite made it there yet) and finally, drawing #5 is a thought in my mind of where I’d like to be right now–the beach–the little house with the red line is based upon the etsy shop thelittlereddoor. I love her little clay houses and thought one would be great on the beach next to my umbrella.

All these sketches where created on Strathmore Bristol Paper (vellum surface) 2.5″x3.5″; Prismacolor Colored Pencils and Pilot Precise V7 Fine Rolling Ball Pen….Simplicity…it is my key to success….

Week Three: Three Dimensional Art

This was certainly a toughy for me but once again I chose simplicity. This is my angel Jenn….and the story about how she came about…..

“I purchased sculpy clay to make something 3D this week but instead I was looking through one of my art supply areas and found a kit I had purchased from an art studio to make an angel. Here she is….As I was making her my friend Jenn called to check-in as we often do….I told her I was making an angel and she was impressed……so here is Jenn the Angel that looks over my shoulder and is always there to listen and be a calming force in my life. Incidently, her ring tone on my phone is a harp….I always smile when I hear the harp.,,
The angel is made from a metal cutout, dictionary paper and decorative paper, bingo, scrabble and round game pieces, a ceramic star, a bell and found ribbon from my personal collection.”

Thanks so much for following along with me today and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into six weeks of creating. See you back here tomorrow for weeks four and five. Have a great Tuesday everyone…..



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