renegade san francisco recap

January 09, 2011

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Renegade San Francisco with my family and dear friends, the Kosmans. What an amazing art fair this was. My friend Kath and I were so overwhelmed and excited by the booths that it took us at least 2 hours to get down the main aisle. Today, I am going to share with some of our favorite vendors and how you can find their products. Trouble is….that I gathered so many business cards that I am not sure where to begin.

I think a top 10 list is in order (but no way does that mean that the other vendors weren’t just as exciting) just trying to narrow down to a manageable list to share.

1. lemonade handmade jewelry Kath and I both made a purchase from this lovely seller of recycled metal jewelry. Click on the link to take you to their shop.

2. enormouschampion makers of beautiful letterpress products from Brooklyn, New York; Another purchase for both of us…A beautiful letterpress print that you will see when you click on the link…A special connection for both of us of our day at the fair.

3. gangsofsanfrancisco a history of San Francisco through t-shirts, mugs etc. I purchased my husband a t-shirt as he is an avid history buff….

4. steelpetalpress beautiful letterpress cards and handmade books from Chicago. Miss Shayna and I had a nice chat about Chicago and her handmade books, which incidentally, I purchased for myself.

5. sproutstudio by Jennifer Lake…beautiful accessories and photography. My purchase? a little photo of the heart for my husband.

6. made by Katrina printmaking and photography; I purchased a little bookmark hand printed with the numbers 0-7

7. lemonbirdjams what art fair would be complete without tasting a few handmade food items? Lemon Bird Jams did not disappoint. I couldn’t pick a favorite, they were all so yummy. I may just have to join their jam of month club…

8. beautiful clocks created out of bicycle gears, recycled of course. Kath purchased a very cool grey one and I purchased a few little bicycle buttons.

9. modify/d incredibly beautiful handmade items recycled from sweaters and other woolen wear. We had a chance to chat with Candace and Lisa and found their mission inspiring. A percentage of all sales are returned to charity and the use of recycled product left me feeling that there are definitely people in this world that do it right. These are two of them. Our purchases: pillows and some fingerless gloves

and last but not least…..

10. the poetry store Poems made in three minutes by Silvi Alcivar. I loved the back of her card which read: the poetry store n. 1. a typewriter. a poet. 2. objective + obstruction = art.

Here she is creating a poem for me….for redlinedesign

I picked my paper, she took 3 minutes to write the poem based upon a word of my choice and then she placed the poem in a glass bottle and envelope. The highlight of my day… so there is a recap of a very successful event that I hope to attend again (maybe in a different city next time) and a wealth of new artisans for you to check out this year….enjoy!!

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