redlinedesign: 2014 a look back

by Sarah December 29, 2014


Two roads diverged in the woods….and yes, I took the one less traveled. I reached out and tried new things, forged new adventures and put myself out of my comfort zone on more occasions than I can count.

I also failed and as I look back on the year its the failures that will help me to move forward and continue to build my business in 2015.

I took on two personal projects this year. One: A Year in Flowers and Two: the completion of 100 Wednesdays. My intentions were grand with A Year in Flowers – a new tumblr site, an ambition of drawing and photographing flowers all year and posting them to the new site. It became too much to keep it up, so I continued along quietly taking photos and drawing and keeping them just for me, which really is the essence of what a personal project is all about. I kept a pinterest board: A Year in Flowers and re-posted images that spoke to me. This was good enough for me for this year. Remember that for yourself if you choose to embark on such a project. Personal projects are really and truly personal and you don’t have to share unless you want to. Give yourself permission to create on your terms; exactly what I did.

100 Wednesdays came to end in July and over the summer I took a course on writing a book. I would like to turn this project into a book and The Conscious Book Smith course helped me set all the pieces in place to begin. From this course I realized how far I have come in my own creative practices and I want to be able to share that knowledge with others. For the rest of the year I painted, took more photographs, sketched and tried to stretch my creative boundaries. (I am a work in progress) In 2015 I will be bringing back a new 100 Wednesdays project…stay tuned…

2014 bought many opportunities to participate in conferences, classes and speaking engagements both online and off. ALT Summit in January; Pioneer Nation in March and The Right Brained Business Summit in April. In 2015 I have decided to focus attention on building the photography and art side of my business and I will be applying to participate in some national shows. I’m really excited about the opportunities and will keep you all informed as information becomes available.

I will also be growing the wholesale side of my business in 2015. I had a goal this year of having my work in 5 shops by December. I fell short of this goal but I am happy to report that you can now buy my work locally at The Nevada Museum of Art gift shop. My goal of 2015 is ten shops nationally and possibly internationally.

Create. explore. discover continues to grow and is entering its 5th year this year. We are adding two day retreats in Truckee along with our full weekend retreat in October. This years retreat was a huge success but a little larger than I would like, so we will be going back to the original intent of a full weekend retreat for participants interested in engaging in a small group setting with their teachers. Announcements on this change will happen in the next few weeks over on the CED site.

I realized this year that it is getting harder and harder for me to grow this business alone and I started working closely with a local graphics firm and a marketing and PR firm. It feels good to share my growth with this team of individuals. My family has also taken a more active role in supporting me and you will start to see more of them in 2015. Ben will be coordinating my wholesale accounts; Joe will be acting CFO and Em will be assisting me more in the studio and we will definitely be taking more time to paint together.

I’m focusing and refining for 2015 and my word to help me do that is ABUNDANCE (a very large quantity of something)…I do hope you will join me for the journey.





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