Part Five – Organize Your Creative Space with Supplies

by Sarah January 28, 2012

This is the last post in a series about finding time for creativity in your life. If you wish to read previous posts you can link to them below:

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Today, brings me to one of my favorite parts of creativity. Organizing your creative space with all those supplies you have either gathered from home or shopped for on your field trip to an art store. Here is a list of 10 items and some links to some of my favorites to help get you started.

1. clip board (3 or 6 or 9 look great holding inspirational art, paper, or photographs) for an idea of how to arrange them see this photo from apartment therapy; you can purchase simple ones at office depot, target or any office supply store or look for something that speaks to your own special style.

2. wall clips; there are so many options here depending upon your creative style; I like to use large binder clips and attach them to my bulletin boards; they hold fabric that inspires me and artwork I am using for my projects. In addition clips can be used to hold containers for your pencils, pens and paint brushes as you would see on minted condition.

3. scissor storage as seen in this space by artist Lotta Jansdotter

4. bins; bins come in many shapes and sizes; I try to find covered and uncovered storage options for my own supplies; right now I really love these ones on Serena and Lily and these on wisteria.

5. colored containers; this is a fun way to match your pencils, pens, markers etc. and provides that little extra color splash for your space. Some fun containers can be found at westelm, anthropologie and seejanework.

6. cupcake holders; this idea came to me via pinterest via Sarah Smithson and found from Jenny B. of Allsorts and is a great way to store beads, buttons, small bits for your designs and adds a colorful touch to your space.

7. milk glass cups; found also via pinterest. Milk glass is quite popular at the moment and can be found at many antique stores and markets. I love the patterns and coloration of the glass.

8. lidded clear storage; I use bins from container store and target with a label on the front to organize many different products in my studio. What I love about this type of storage is that it stacks, doesn’t take up much space, you can see what’s inside and the lid keeps the items stored from getting dusty. I label the front of the bins with what is inside so that everything can stay organized.

9. magazine holders; my go to for magazine holders is: semikolon; I use the black ones and have 14 of them on my bookcase to keep magazines, inspiration files, teaching materials and product catalogs stored so they can be used at a moments notice.

10. a fun vase for paint brushes; I store my paint brushes in a fun vase that was given to me by a friend. Here are some that I have found recently…west elm, anthropologie and shop terrain.

What types of organization do you use in your studio? I’d love to know. Feel free to leave a list in the comments or a link to your blog so others can be inspired.

Have a great day…..



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