Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers – Fifi du Vie

March 08, 2012

Izabella Dennis is the creative genius behind Fifi du Vie, a screen printing shop and design studio that shared her pieces at last months ALT Summit. I was lucky enough to receive her print, Oh Darling, Lets Be Adventurers as my gift for attending one of the luncheons at the conference.  Izabella and I caught up recently to chat about her business, her thoughts on handmade products and their importance. In addition, we also discussed a little bit about her own story.

How did you come up with the name Fifi Du Vie for your business?

The name doesn’t actually mean anything. It just came to me one night. I like that it has kind of a sing-song quality to it. (pronounced fifi dooo veee) I went through a zillion names with actual meanings behind them and none felt as right as Fifi du Vie.

What are your thoughts on providing handmade designs and products to your customers and clients? Why do you feel that is important?

I believe that products, particularly those in your home, take on a personality. They become part of the sentimental and visual fabric of your life. I think that it’s valuable to have a connection to the designer and maker of pieces that become important to you. I love that handmade items are personal, a bit raw and each one is slightly difference. Furthermore, I feel that it is important to be an active part of your community, to foster its creativity and to support your local artists.


Tell me about your “story”…How did you get to be doing what you are doing today?

I grew up with very creative parents and was always making some kind of craft or art. I had considered it to be a passion, but not one that I would ever pursue as a career. After studying architecture in college and falling in love with both furniture and home decor, I went on to work in merchandising at several large retailers. My love of home products and clean design grew as I built up the knowledge and experience to market and sell. I had taught myself how to screen print in college for fun (I love learning new crafts and techniques! Right now, I am in the midst of woodworking classes.) and decided to start making prints for myself and friends. I started Fifi du Vie in April of 2010 as a side project and it ended up taking off. Six months later, I left my corporate job and dove in head first. It has been quite the adventure and would not have been possible without both my supportive, artistic upbringing and professional experience.

Who is inspiring you now?

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by Best Made Co and their very well curated assortment of products.

In the Fifi du Vie shop you can find typographic prints, tote bags and greeting cards all with a modern yet accessible aesthetic. All the products are original in design and, screen printed by hand using a photo emulsion process. All prints are limited editions and are signed and numbered by the artist.

The motto of Fifi du Vie is “Live Gorgeously” something all think we aspire to in some way….

Fifi du Vie can be found here:

shop: www.fifiduvie.com
twitter: @fifduvie

A special thank you to Izabella for sharing her thoughts today for Tea Time Thursday.

all photos for this article were contributed by Izabella Dennis.









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