Jess Greene – Seek Your Course – Part One

May 10, 2012

Today marks the beginning of a series of posts about creative individuals and how they live a creative life. What better way to start this series than with an introduction to Jess Greene of Seek Your Course. Seek Your Course is a website that provides a place for artists and creative event planners to list their course offerings in one place. In addition to Seek Your Course, Jess is about to embark on a cross country journey called Jumpstart Creativity Tour, which will take her on a 10,000 mile journey to 50 cities to share her love of creativity with adults. Jess and I took a moment to chat about creativity and her life and I am so excited to share her responses with you today. (This will be a 3 part series including information about Jumpstart Creativity Tour)


Tell a little about yourself. Where you have lived, what type of creative work you have done and how you came to build seek your course?

I have lived in Western Massachusetts my whole life. I started doing photography and graphic design in high school, but quickly switched to pursue other passions once in college. I went into teaching and taught science for five years. During that time I started reading art blogs and taking a few workshops. After attending my first art retreat I knew things were shifting. I started painting and taking my creative desires more seriously.

The idea for Seek Your Course came from the frustration of trying to keep track of what creative e-courses and retreats were being offered, since more are launched each week it seems. I felt that the creative community needed one website with information about upcoming creative experiences. So I built it. The goal of Seek Your Course is to make creative experiences more accessible for adults worldwide.


Do you think most people are living their creative dreams? Are you living your creative dreams? How?

I see both groups of people. I see my creative, artist friends living beautiful art-filled lives and making a living at it. And I also see many closet artists and writers who don’t make time for their passions. I think there are a lot of adults in 2012 who are craving creative engagement.

I quit my day job last summer and now make art and run Seek Your Course full time. Right now I am living my creative dream. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be because so much of what I do right now is business development and marketing and it is all new to me. But it is creative and rewarding.

How does family and life experience play into you achieving your goals? Who around you encourages you?

My husband is a huge supporter of what I do. He knows I am happier when I am creating or solving problems. I have a lot of support from my family too. That really helps. And the creative community that Seek Your Course supports is fabulous.

How do you conquer fear? How do you encourage others to conquer their fears?

My mom used to tell me all the time, “It’s all what you tell yourself.” So I give myself pep talks. I listen to music to get pumped up before networking events. I break down scary tasks into smaller pieces. But overall I tend to just go for it. I leap when I know I’m following the path I was meant to follow. It is not that I am not afraid. I just do it anyway.

Stay tuned to for part two….where we will discuss Jess’s thoughts on goals and creative engagement. She will also share some of her favorite websites.

please note: all photography and videos are by Jess Greene.


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