Creative Thursday Live

September 15, 2014

My dear friend Marisa of Creative Thursday has a fantastic project in the works and I wanted to share it with you today as she needs our help to get it off the ground. I have known Marisa since 2010 and have taken many art and business courses with her. She is honest, kind and anything she puts her hands on is REAL. No sugar coating just honest conversation and beautiful art.

Marisa and her partner Sean are in the midst of raising funds through Kickstarter to produce a live show about all sorts of creatives. I personally love this concept and am eager to learn more about people that are making lives through their creativity.

In Marisa’s own words:

“I want to make a web series interviewing and sharing stories of creatives, on location, and in their workspaces. I’ve been frustrated that a lot of interesting and inspiring artisans aren’t being seen because mainstream media isn’t featuring them, and I’m excited to introduce them to you through the perspective from an actual working artist & entrepreneur interviewing other working artists & entrepreneurs. From painters, sculptors/clayers, jewelers, designers, sewers, knitters, crocheters, cooks, writers, bloggers, musicians, dancers, actors/performers, photographers and filmmakers. Not only do I want to introduce them to you, but I want to take the time to dig deeper, beyond the tiny sound bites, where we’re always left wanting to know more. This isn’t about promoting someone’s latest project, it’s about having a conversation, where we explore what it really means to live a creative life.

I want to inspire you, show you what is possible and shine a light on all the amazing people and the work they are creating.”

Please take a look at the project and consider supporting her endeavors, I did and can’t wait for this project to become a reality.

Happy Monday everyone.


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