Artists Giving Back

November 05, 2010

Today I want to share a very special project by a fellow Creative Coconut, Stephey Baker. Stephey is the artist behind marked by the muse, a website and blog dedicated to art, counseling and daily inspiration for its readers. Stephey began a project in September to make ornaments to originally sell in her online shop. During this process she joined Craft for a Cause and found out about Enchanted Makeovers a non for profit group that provides interior makeovers for womens shelters all over the country.

Stephey sent me a press release yesterday that I have included below. I have also included links to her website and to Enchanted Makeovers so that you can find out more information. Basically, she is reaching out to the artist community and asking for help in creating 150 ornaments that can be given to shelter residents for the holiday.

Red Line Design will be participating in this endeavour at our holiday stop and shop on December 4th. If you can’t join us that day please feel free to coordinate directly with Stephey. There are many ways you can participate and Stephey is open to additional ideas.

Here’s the press release:

Contact: Stephey Baker, Creative Entrepreneur  and Licensed Spiritual Counselor | Email: info [at] stephey [dot] com

Richmond, VA—Each year, women’s shelters across the US take in thousands of women and children looking to escape abuse and start a new life. Operating with minuscule budgets, these shelters struggle to provide a safe, healing space.

Artist and licensed spiritual counselor Stephey Baker wants to use hand-made objects to create inspiring spaces for abused women and children during the holidays. So this year, she’s donating over 100 hand-made holiday ornaments to Enchanted Makeovers, a non-profit organization devoted to redecorating women’s shelters to bring inspiration and hope to the lives of their residents. She needs help to create this volume of original pieces, so she’s is asking for a small donation and opening her studio on Sunday, November 14, hoping and hoping you will help.

“I can’t do it alone,“ says Baker. “But I am committed to getting it done. So I thought if I provide the supplies and the space, and make an event out of it, perhaps others will be inspired to lend a hand. And what’s more inspiring than beautiful hand-made artwork?”

Baker believes, “Hand-made art possess the power to heal…. Hand-crafted objects carry all the love, hope and inspiration of their creator to those who need it most. And the holidays are the perfect time to give life at a women’s shelter an extra little sparkle.”

Giving back to the community is something I am very passionate about and will be sharing more ideas and ways we can do that as my blog grows. Have a great Friday everyone.

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