Architectural Drawing and Sketching as Inspiration

March 15, 2013


{portion of a sketch by Cedric Price – MoMA; photo by Sarah G. Stevenson}

On my recent visit to New York, I stumbled upon an architectural exhibit at MoMA. I got really excited because as a designer, part of my job was to envision and sketch what a space might look like in three dimensions. The sketch above called Fun Palace by Cedric Price reminded me of that piece of my design past and made me wonder how I might be able to use those skills in some of my artwork moving forward.

The piece is drawn on what is termed “bum wad paper” or more simply architectural sketching paper. There are two types of the sketching paper, canary and white. I like using both for different types of projects but the yellow gives your work a classic feel that withstands the test of time. Long before computer aided design took over, most rough idea planning and sketching was created on this type of paper. To me it represents a beauty and skill that as I moved through my profession was beginning to get lost by the younger generation of designers moving up in the ranks.

I personally loved unwrapping a new roll of paper and getting out my markers and pencils to see what I could create. Obviously, the thought process and the level of artistry allows pieces like this to have a permanent place in a museum like MoMA.

This particular piece uses sketching paper, black felt tip pen, ink, graphite and white pencil. Five tools to represent your ideas. Simplicity but beauty at the same time.

Next time you are exploring an art museum, I encourage you to take a look at some of the more offbeat exhibits, you never know what sort of inspiration you will find for your own work.

Have a great weekend everyone.




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