Always Evolving

May 08, 2013


I found this word wall on a visit to MoMA in New York City. EVOLVING, COLORFUL, CREATIVE were the words that originally stood out to me as I was there on a trip to create a video for my business. At that time, I felt all those things and was excited for a new year and new opportunities to begin. I am not sure where the word POWER fits in but I must have seen it when I got this photo because there it sits right in the middle of it all. My business coach, Michelle Ward, I am sure, would have me think about it and see how it fits, so I thought I would share where I am and what I think it means to me.

I have been exceptionally lucky with the growth of my business but at the same time I have not been physically well. I’m not one for sharing really personal information in this space as I am a true believer that personal and business are kept separate. Last year during my art retreat I became really sick and was not sure I could continue with the weekend. My instructors and my friends pulled me through and I had emergency surgery 4 days later. Since then, I have had ups and downs with my health and a very slow recovery…too slow for me.

About three weeks ago, I started a 12 week weight loss program and am doing OK with it. I have never been a dieter and have never had to worry about my weight until now. After years of injuries, surgeries and not being able allow myself to heal properly, I came to the realization that I need to have the power to take back control of myself and to put me in the first spot instead of everyone else around me.

The program I joined is through my doctor and has a weekly check-in, so I feel really good about how and what I am doing to take control of health. I am not an over eater, I am not even that overweight but on the scale am considered obese. Me obese? No way. I preach the benefits of physical activity and organized sports to my kids, yet somehow I cannot find the time or the energy to do it myself. We don’t eat fast food, we eat fresh fruit, veges and really do not drink soda. Yet somehow I love my fresh bread, my expensive cheeses and my carbs. I’m happy to report, I have had none in the past three weeks and I am not missing it all (except for the cheese, I will always love it).

Did you know that according to, in the US last year approximately 37.9 percent of adults were considered obese? and that 16.9 percent of children aged 2-19 were also considered obese. Our country has an obesity epidemic. It is scary when you read the statistics because over the next 15 years that number is expected to reach 44 percent in adults. Half of the adults in the US will be obese.

These numbers are astounding to me. But I can see how difficult it is when we are all going a hundred miles a minute in order to carry out our daily tasks.

So what is the lesson for me specifically? Slow down, take control and have the power to make me first in my own life. As a parent, spouse and small business owner this is really difficult but essential for me and my family.

I have not been spending much time in this space recently because I am trying to reteach myself about me and the importance of me as an individual. I hope you understand and value the time I am taking for myself and that if you are in a similar predicament that you will take the time to look and see yourself in the mirror and see how important you are in this world and that in order to continue to always be EVOLVING, CREATIVE and COLORFUL you need to have the POWER to put yourself first.

Have a great week everyone.


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