ALT Summit 2012 – The Personal Connections

January 24, 2012

ALT Summit 2012….4 Days in Salt Lake City at the Grand America Hotel; 38 pages of notes; 3 keynote addresses; 2 evenings of parties and not much sleep = one happy, overloaded with information, completely inspired person.

(the girls with glasses and pinhole press party)

In one talk about successful collaborations, Joslyn Taylor of Simple Lovely said: “women banded together make powerful stuff”..I believe this and throughout the week can truly say I met some amazing women and men that I want to share with you here…If you have a moment stop by their blogs and websites and see what they are up to….there are some pretty creative things happening out in the world that we should all get excited about.

First and foremost, reconnecting with Marisa from Creative Thursday…always inspiring and always makes me feel like I have a long lost sister. Thx Marisa

Victoria Hudgins of a subtle revelry; a new introduction in the taxi cab from the airport and a new Reno resident…sweet, creative and down to earth…Welcome to Reno, Victoria.

Hello… Dottie..another of my taxi cab mates who blogs at with her friend and third cab mate, Alix. These ladies were fun..just check out their blog you will see why….

EZ from creature comforts….who I have wanted to meet for a long time and truly enjoyed. She is a lovely person with a great sense of style and graciousness.

Catherine Just of Catherine Just Photography; my words to describe Catherine are “female  “; we sat next to one another at lunch and talked like we had known each other forever. Our shared friend, as we found out, Andrea Scher…. we promptly sent a photo of the two of us to her as she painted in Mexico with Flora Bowley.

Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters and Big Picture Classes. I have taken a few courses with Tracey that I have shared with you on this site over the last year and a half and was excited to meet her in person. Tracey, Catherine and I took a photo together that you can see on my instagram feed in the sidebar to the right of the post. Tracey was as kind and down to earth as she is in her courses and a pleasure to meet in person.

Megan Auman – roomie of my dear friend Brigitte Lyons; Megan is currently creating a video a day that she shares on her blog along with her incredible hand made jewelry. Samantha Barsky of noteify also roomed with these two. Samantha creates awesome handmade cards and paper products and is based in San Francisco.

Samantha Melvin a 4th and 5th grade art teacher that really inspired me during our conversations. While we were at ALT Samantha shared that she had won the National Arts Educator of the Year Award….

(art credit: fifiduvie; sponsored gift: cargoh)

I received this piece of art from fifduvie in a gift provided by cargoh at one of the lunches. These words really spoke to me and in describing the next people I met, truly bring adventurers to mind when I think of them.

Bradford Crowder founder of The Bedlam of Beefy. Bradford was kind and generous and knew my name….He also checked on me as I was worried about the fires here in Reno while I was gone. A true gentleman (thanks for being so kind, Bradford)

and last but certainly not least….the founders of Kinfolk Magazine, Nathan and Amanda. I was blown away by the creative genius behind this magazine and the generous and down to earth persona of both these individuals. It was a pleasure to meet you both and to view your incredible magazine.

(artists from minted)

In addition to the people I met, the speakers were top notch as well. A keynote from Ben Silberman of Pinterest; a lesson in videography from The Girls with Glasses Show and making art with sycamore street press were highlights of my time at ALT.

For me, while talking about the internet, blogging and business the main theme I gathered  is to be yourself, share unique content and a unique voice and most importantly something I have always believed in:

“In design, people want the person” – Maxwell, Apartment Therapy.

Get out there and meet your audience…..

Have a great week everyone and I personally can’t wait until my next trip to ALT…..

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