ALT-SF 2013: the business of blogging and closing keynote

July 30, 2013

Alt SF 2013

{all photography used in this post was sponsored by atly for ALT-SF and photographs were taken by Brooke Dennis}

This is the 2nd post in a series on ALT-SF 2013.

As you know if you have read this blog for a long time, blogging is not the main focus of my business but more of a place to share inspiration, unique creative finds and my passion about art, interiors, architecture and design and how all these worlds interrelate to one another. For many of the individuals attending ALT blogging is their business and primary source of income. As most of the speakers discussed the Business of Blogging, I took many of their comments and suggestions and have provided a list of tools I think any artist, designer or small business owner with a blog can use to make their blogs more interesting to their readers:

As a small business owner who blogs spend:

  • 40% of your time creating content
  • 40% on the business strategy of your blog
  • 20% of your time managing how your blog is useful to your business
  • {adapted from Meg Keene who is a full time blogger at}

In other words: in your blog planning time, make sure you divide that time just as you would any other task in your business day.

  • blog on a regular basis and use weekly features to keep your audience interested
  • take beautiful photos

As an artist who blogs:

  • share your process and take beautiful photos of your work
  • style your photos
  • create quality over quantity
  • be efficient with your time: {ie.: shoot all images in one day}
  • create an editorial calendar but allow for impromptu inspiration
  • be consistent
  • look for partnerships and other creatives that you can work with to provide content

Alt SF 2013

{Gabrielle Blair, Alix Tyler, Meg Keene and Lane Becker}

By extracting tools that we all can use, I found that the business of blogging could become the more about small business and how we can all use these tips to enrich our blogging on our own sites.

Alt SF 2013

For the closing keynote, Mike McCue founder and CEO of Flipboard shared his journey on the creation of this magazine style app and how following your dreams and leadership are intertwined. My takeaways from his talk included:

  • follow your dreams
  • bond with people that share your dreams
  • when negotiating with others in business or likewise always find the win-win scenario or the fair point for both parties
  • never overreach and always base your negotiating on your principles
  • surround yourself with people who are better than you
  • having a coach and mentor is key for all entrepreneurs
  • when you build a team around you make sure they are true believers in your dream and treat that team well
  • always have a sense of purpose, life and family

and know “the journey is the reward”. This quote reminded me of my Chicago days and coach Phil Jackson, of The Chicago Bulls when he reflected on winning 6 national championships.

I was intrigued by Mike’s discussion from a leadership standpoint and also from a product design view. My wheels started turning thinking of ways I could be sharing creative magazines with you in the near future. Stay tuned….

For the final post on ALT-SF I will be back with a sneak peek at Alice Pinterland and the new Pinterest Headquarters. Thanks again to atly and ALT-SF. {all photography used in this post was sponsored by atly for ALT-SF and photographs were taken by Brooke Dennis}



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