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September 08, 2011

(photo title: a different kind of story – 2010)

In 2002, my aunt dedicated a book to me and my cousin…The dedication read as follows:

“For Jono who makes dreams come true and for Sarah who dreams and gets there”

Pretty neat to have a book dedicated to you and I have always felt really proud although quietly until now. The statement…”for Sarah who dreams and gets there” is a hard one to live by sometimes but I always do strive to dream and to get there.

I am nearing in on beginning my 3rd year in business as redlinedesign® and have come to a major crossroads in what I do. As you know I am an interior designer, recently have become a registered interior designer, although I do have 25 years of pretty amazing corporate and fortune 500 experience behind me; I am also a photographer, not quite professional but it is part of who I am; and finally I am an educator. I am a certified catechist with the Catholic Church (it took me two years to learn about the history of religion and what it means to be a Catholic in this day and age, and I taught religious education classes at our local church for a number of years) I also teach at my son’s school..mini sessions on creativity and design…my desire to give back to children and my passion for teaching others about the world around us and how it all works together.

So where does this leave me in my business? searching and redefining every day and regrouping once a year to look at the direction of a company that I am building from the ground up with no outside financial assistance. I have tried parts of my business that I have decided I do not like and do not want to offer and I am trying new things, very new things that keep me awake at night and keep me working towards making that dream a reality as my aunt said above.

It is difficult to see what I have to offer when you come over to my websites, blog and my social sites (thanks Brigitte Lyons for pointing that out) because it is has been difficult for me to define that…Today however, through awesome collaboration and discussion with Brigitte…I can say that some of that can be clearly defined here.

1. I sell photography, my photography; a look at the world through my own eyes…I create original digital pieces 5×5 prints, 8×10 prints framed and unframed and I create unique stationery with photography that I then print through moo.com on mini cards. Once I receive the cards, I hand create stationery with black and cream papers that I purchase through paper-source ( a company I have followed since it began in Chicago years ago), I then box them in kraft paper boxes and hand tie them with red and white twine, hand sign the back of the box and have them available through my online shop for sale. You can connect to my shop from the sidebar of the blog. Here also is a photo of my most recent stationery collection.

These I have available now (just email me: sarah@red-line-design.com)and I am in the process of updating the shop and will let you know when they are available there.

2. I teach art, design and creativity course. So far I have been teaching at Sage Ridge School during their mini-sessions and at University of Georgia through an online collaboration last fall with their senior design students. You can see past course work here and here.

I will be teaching an interior design course on September 25 from 4-7pm for more information: look here.

I will be teaching at Create Explore Discover Art Retreat on October 8 9-12. The course is entitled Through My Eyes and will be a basic photography course for individuals that wish to play around with their cameras, iphones etc.

3. I am an event planner. I have two events that I am organizing and planning this year. First and foremost – Create Explore Discover Art Retreat; you have heard much talk about this event through the blog, on facebook and twitter but it is my goal to have you enjoy a relaxing, creative and adventurous weekend with me and my inaugural instructors in Lake Tahoe on my 44th birthday (October 6) through the weekend – October 6-9.

The second event is the 2nd annual redlinedesign® handmade holiday to be held on Saturday, December 3. This event is a way for me to showcase my work and work of very talented local artists and designers. It is also a way to give back to my community. Last year each artist donated a piece for a basket that was raffled with the proceeds going to benefit Elizabeth Lenz Elementary School. This year will benefit my dear friend Maria’s daughter Lila that has Cerebral Palsy and is currently fundraising for stem cell therapy. you can find out more information on Maria’s blog: Mommy You Know What?

4. I offer interior design services. The following services are available now:

  • color studies
  • furniture and finish recommendations
  • budget planning
  • space programming
  • hourly design consultations
  • project management

I work on an hourly rate and specify product only. I do not purchase any product but will work with you on determining how to purchase through design sources.

Hope this assists in helping you, my valued reader know more about what I do and how I can help you. this information will be added  to the redlinedesign® link at the top of the page so that you can always access it.

Have a great Thursday everyone…and hope you enjoyed a peek into my world of redlinedesign® and to Aunty Sal–I never forget my dreams and how to get there, sometimes I just stray from the path….


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