Time Spent Falling: A Conversation with Nick Holmes

May 16, 2017

photo credit: nick holmes

Sometimes on our creative journeys we come across people and art that can change the trajectory of your life. This happened to me when I met Nick Holmes. Nick is an actor, portrait photographer, and poet from Los Angeles. I initially found Nick’s work through looking at the social media sites of the actors in the critically acclaimed television show: Gilmore Girls. As a photographer and artist I have always been interested in how other creatives balance many different endeavors and do so successfully. After following Nick on instagram, I reached out to have him take head shots of my son Ben in New York City.

photo credit: nick holmes

Around the same time, Nick published his first book of poetry: Time Spent Falling. I read and wrote about the book on my website and became interested in having a deeper conversation about his process and creative story. Through that meeting I decided to create an event called “A Conversation With” and invited Nick to Reno to be the first in a series of creative discussions. Lucky for me he said YES. For me, this proved to be the culmination of 25 years of creative business, project management and successful collaboration and I was honored to host the evening with many close friends and my daughter in the audience.

photo credit: anicia beckwith

The event was held on November 10 at The Beckwith Gallery. As part of my mission as a creative, it is one of my goals to gather and share the people that have had an impact on my art and have provided me with that WOW moment when I see their work. As an actor, portrait photographer and poet Nick’s worlds are intertwined by a commonality that I see as PASSION. His view of the space in which he lives and how intimately he touches each person he interacts with is truly unrivaled by most people I know. Our evening together at The Beckwith Gallery was both inspiring and rich with photography, love, introspection and poetry. Nick’s engagement each person in the audience is something you only see in people with deep human connection and it was an honor to host him as my first guest.

photo credit: anicia beckwith

Due to the success of the first event we will be heading to Los Angeles on January 19 for an encore presentation. Tickets are limited and now available. We hope you can join us at pARTy gallery with Marisa Anne Cummings of Creative Thursday as our co-host.

Special thanks to The Beckwith Gallery, Sundance Books and Music and The Whitney Peak
Hotel for sponsoring our evening with Nick. A huge shout out to Oliver X of Reno Tahoe Tonight for all the media coverage and enthusiasm, Rachel Kingham for continued love, support and PR and Kristina Tuason for incredible styling of the gallery space.


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