Inspiring Me Now

(lake tahoe from the north shore)

Happy Monday everyone…today I thought I would share a quick list of things that are inspiring me right now….I have been gathering some “wow” moments and items over the last several weeks and wanted to share some of them with you as you start your week. So here they are in no particular order….

1. Danny Gregory video that was sent to me by Susannah Conway.

2. Susannah Conway audio on Worlds Biggest Summit (this is a free months worth of audio, video and interviews with over 100 teachers ranging from business and creativity to health and wellness)

3. Completing projects like this one below from last weeks retreat. Fabric and embroidery kits are available from Marisa Anne on Creative Thursday

4. Tara Mohr and her daily emails in my inbox about being a brilliant woman.


5. erin condrin’s entire website design and especially her life planners that help to keep me organized.

Have a great week…..

6 thoughts on “Inspiring Me Now

  1. I haven’t embroidered since high school but I keep thinking about it. Your pictures in the previous post are inspiring and I see here you’re showing me where to go to make it easy to get started. Thanks and hello from BYW.

  2. Kathryn: thanks for your note…yes, all the photography on my site is taken by me unless otherwise noted. Lake Tahoe is stunning, if you ever get her from OZ definitely add it to your list…..thanks for stopping by from BYW, I will stop over too

  3. Ann: thanks for stopping by….Marisa’s projects are really fun, simple and a joy to create…definitely jump back in….it was a fun project and a really easy way to get started…off to say hi! to you too…

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