red line design color story

About six months ago, I began working with a graphic artist and illustrator, Calder Chism to create a logo for Red Line Design, my business. We met over several coffees at the local Starbucks and discussed creativity, working for yourself, the direction of my business and about the name red line design, which, by the way, came from having lived in Chicago along the “red line” train. It was important to me to include my history of living there as it is so near and dear to my heart. Also, I briefly had a consulting business by the same name.

Calder was extremely intuitive and knew instantly what I was trying to achieve. He returned to his studio and about two weeks later presented me with 9 logos to choose from. I was teaching a mini course at my son’s middle school during this process so I thought it would be fun for them to vote on their favorites. They did and amazingly enough it ended up being the logo I have today.

The reason, I am showing you my logo is that in addition to the design of the logo, I have been in the process of trademarking the name: redlinedesign. Trademarking is a huge process and one that is not guaranteed. Hopefully, in about 30 days I will be able to announce to you all that I am registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office and years of a dream will finally become a realty.

Part of creating a logo is also about creating a story to tell your clients who you are. This is part of my story. The other part is the color journey that my business is exploring.

The images you see in the board above are just that. When you receive something from my shop it will be hand wrapped with the red and white twine, the red dots and possibly the red and white dotted label. It may have been made with the black and white card stock you see or painted with the paintbrushes shown. The fabric in the corner may also be used and was hand created by me using a piece from my logo. IF you are coming to me for design services you will receive the same care and attention that I have given to developing this image. Or it may just be that you are visiting the blog and want to know more about my creative journey. However you interact with me, I want you to know that a piece of my craft, creativity and love for design will be in everything I do.

Thanks Calder for helping me to begin that journey and for taking my ideas and making them a reality.

Have a great day…..

F is for Flowers

The word “passion” is described by the Miriam Webster Dictionary among other things as “a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept”.

I have a passion for flowers. I think this began at a very young age and continues to this day every time I see a beautiful arrangement either in a magazine, a photograph, a store or even in nature. I feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness and can’t wait to touch, feel and smell the wonders that have been created by nature.

What are your passions? you know something that gives you that feeling inside that makes you so happy and calm at the same time and is something that you cannot live without…I’d love to know……

Have a great day…..

The Beginning

Today, I was inspired to tell you a story. It is a story about me and it involves the photograph that you see above. I was given this photo at the funeral of my grandfather this spring by my aunts sister. It has been sitting on my desk since I returned home and I look at it everyday.

I am not sure who took this photograph so I cannot give credit. What I know about it is that I was a model for a clothing line called Lord and Lady Muck that was designed by my aunts sister, Fiona. I am the tallest one in the photo who looks so happy to be there. Growing up I was always lucky to have clothes designed by Fiona that I got to wear. My favorite dress was blue with red, yellow and green circles on the front representing a traffic light. This particular day I believe we were photographing a swimsuit line that Fiona was exploring.

Why do I tell you about this? Well, I want you to know a little about me so that when you read the blog you will understand where my love of design comes from. Children’s fashion comes to mind when I see this photo and it reminds me of how that love came about. That love also carries through to my daughter Emily and the clothing we chose for her.

Also, I was extremely fortunate to grow up around some very creative people. My Aunty Sal, who has visited us on this site before is an Australian Author. Aunty Kirsty (Fiona’s sister) is a senior graphic artist at the National Gallery of Australia and is the one that encouraged me to pursue a creative career; my sister Rachel, an incredibly creative individual that you have met through Who Would You Invite to Tea?; my mother, Jane that gave me a love for the arts–ballet, theater, art museums, a love of reading and photography (she is an incredible photographer in her own right; and finally, my grandmother, Laura (who passed away last year at the age of 99) who gave a me a love for making…cooking (desserts especially), knitting, sewing and creating things in general with my hands.

So exploring my voice–here’s what I found today–

children’s boutique fashion
writing and telling stories
talking to others about creativity
love of the arts-ballet, theater, art museums
love of making

Hope you will come along with me on this journey of discovery. I am so happy you are here.

Have a great day….

six weeks of creating week 6

Happy Monday everyone. Today I am sharing my final project from week six of my six weeks of creating. I have included my notes from the class on this one as I thought it would be easier to do it this way.  Enjoy….

Week Six (or seven as it really is today). I have been busily redesigning my studio and hope to post some photos to my blog over the next few days. This was my wild card that has taken me into week 7. I created a collage of photos that are in different places in my office. I have 4 bulletin boards that house my creative inspirations and little love notes from my kids…(I love you mom….and mom you rock) inspiration for every day. From the top left corner: enjoy laughter, interiors shot from a designer in Florida, pins from a company called peek aren’t you curious; they say: made you look, I see you (peek is a really cool kids clothing company headquartered in San Fransisco and a slight peek at postcards from Society, Inc.; Art from Marisa–; lavender, good luck pin as everyone needs a little luck now and then. The Little Prince-my favorite children’s story and I have actually read it in French and had to write a paper on it in high school. black and white photography from an exhibit at The Getty, a postcard of a woman that looks very much like myself and my sister from my sister Rachel–I could do without the stole though… A piece of my photography; Kate Spade calendar and saying from a Mondo Beyondo course I took: “When you let yourself have simple pleasures you make more space for joy. (Its true) Love the universe
More Marisa art–and my photography–Chicago Cubs Spinneybeck Baseball (I have a collection of Spinneybeck Baseballs–they are my favs.; Rafael and Giacommetti with a “get your culture on” button from the Reno Philharmonic–their latest marketing effort to get more people interested in classical music…I love the graphics….In the large photo….Nevada Museum of Art and Rembrandt sketches from a recent exhibit there…..My inspirations from my little corner of the world. What a great class this has been….Thanks so much Marisa and to everyone that shared such fabulous, creative work…..

six weeks of creating week 5

Design is the application of intent – the opposite of happenstance, and an antidote to accident.
— Robert L. Peters


week 5 of creating…..this week fabric and fiber arts…..I personally love fabric; the hand of it (how it feels when you touch it) and the patterns that can be created and the colorations that come out dying a piece. So this week I chose my inspiration from Marisa and tried my hand at creating a piece of art with an embroidery hoop. Hope you enjoy the piece.

In case you’ve been wondering about all the wine pictures. During this course my family and I took a little weekend trip to Napa, so I thought I would share some of those photos with you as well. Hope you all have a great Thursday and I’ll see you back here with Week 6-Wild Card…..